Snowmobiling in Ontario


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Sep 19, 2008
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Even though I now live in Alberta, I still have family in Ontario, and go back there each year at Christmas time. The past two years, I got lucky with snow in southern Ontario. I was able to ride trails in the Brantford area, which can be very much hit or miss. When there is snow, the trails there can be very good.
For trail conditions, I take a look at

and go to the link for trail conditions. This covers all of Ontario, and works out well.
The trails are very well marked, and intersections leave no question as to where the various trails go to. The signs not only show destinations, but (most of the time) distances to the destinations. Yes, the trail permit is pricy, compared to Alberta, but the trails are worth it.
According to the last time I looked at the conditions, trails around Sudbury/North Bay and north of them are still open. There is a gap from Marathon to Thunder Bay where there are no trails, but they did exist previously, and they open up again. The trail from Marathon to Terrace Bay (when it was open) was one of the most twisty and winding trail that I had ever ridden.
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