Provincial Snow Reports


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Dec 2, 2007
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High River
I found these two sites I don't know where they should go, mayby a moderator can find a good home for them.

Automatic Snow Pillow (ASP) Plots of Snow Water - for British Columbia
Inertacive B.C. map linking to different weather stations showing snow loads

Here is the same thing for Alberta

These interacive links can give a person an idea as to how much snow is in the area that they are planning to go riding in. there are graphs which show if there is more or less than average at these stations.

The reason I know about these sites is that I live in a flood plain and they also give me river flow reports "so I can see what is going on" plus it tells me if there is more or less than average snow pack before it melts and washes me away to saskatchewan :D
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