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Oct 3, 2009
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well i blew the iq rmk 700 up this weekend, piston skirt on the clutch side piston broke of completely and caused the piston to jam in the cylinder and seize........not really a huge deal. i pulled the motor had a look and the damage isnt that horrible, prob going to replace the crank bearings or just put in a new crank to, BUT then i noticed that a piece of skirt got shot through the bottm of the crankcase, so there is now a dime sized hole, and to make it better the upper half of the bottom end case also has a small hole in it. is there anyone that has some of these pieces lieing around? and seeing as how the crank is the same as the 900, would the very bottom case out of a 900 work to ? sled is a 2006 iq rmk 700...... any info or parts that people are willing to get rid of would be appreciated.
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