High idle and no start


Mar 26, 2013
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BC Canada
Hey guys hope everyone's having a fantastic season. I was out riding last weekend on my 2008 800 in warm spring conditions. I was on a trail and the temp hit about 165 or 170 F. We stopped to cool down and I shut off the engine. I went to start it up, and it kicked into high idle (about 2500 rpm). The idle was fluctuating quite a bit as well. I grabbed the throttle to start off, but it wouldn't rev past about 3500-4000 rpm before it would bog out and almost stall. I shut it down thinking it was too hot. I tried restarting and nothing happened. Pulled plugs, they seemed wet like it had fuel. Checked spark, good. Compression seemed fine, checked the electrical conections, they were good. Changed plugs, still nothing. We started towing it out, and after about 15 minutes tried starting again. It fired up after about three pulls and ran perfect. No high idle and ripped like normal. This has never happened to me before even running higher temps than 170 (bad idea, I know). Any ideas why this is? I'd like to find out the cause before I break down again in a bad spot. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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