Hatfield McCoy Trails

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Sep 21, 2011
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I live in PA, but I do enjoy riding the Hatfield McCoy trails. I've been going to WV for 10 years now, there's been a lot of changes since the trails opened. It's been tamed down some so more people can nejoy them, (which is understandable) I just thought keeping some of the extreme trails there would be cool to have when I'm feeling crazy. The extreme trails are returning, if that's what you like. I like challenges, and this place is full of them! Every once in a while, we would hit some challenging trails. But for the most part I stay on the main trails that go from town to town, and some of those trails are challenging. I thought about trying trails in Canada, Canada is not much further away than WV. If someone can give me some information on riding in Canada, I would take a look at it. From what I understand, riding in Canada is almost the same as riding the snowmobiles. You're on the trails for 5 days, is this true? That would be different for sure. If there are places to lodge at, then take a few trails for the day I may be interested in something like that. In my personal opinion, The Hatfield McCoy Trails are the best in the Northeast, if you know better trails. Please let me know.
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Jul 27, 2008
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North of Stony Plain
research the Haliburton trails in Ontario, Canada. If I understand it these trails are connected much like the Hatfield/McCoy system. I also think that inQuebec there is also a great trail system. but don't know the name of it.

One time I want to do the H/M trails out in WV, read about it all the time in Dirt Wheels mag.

The riding here in western Canada, in the foothills of the Rockies is fantastic and there are a lot of challenging trails. Most of us random(free) camp and ride everyday that we are out camping. Our group will regularly put on 80 to 100kms a day on the longer trails systems or 7-9 hours, hence the name "Muddy Milers ATV Club".lol

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