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Can-am has some issues

Beer Slayer

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Dec 2, 2018
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Great Lakes
Right side, broken/sheared off...

Left side, rod walking itself out...

Friend found these on the road in front of my house a couple months ago, had no idea where they came from until Sunday when we jacked it up to check front diff noises.
Anyone ever break this and know how it was done? I guess was a little hard on the ol' girl this year...bizarre it broke in front of the house.
I also need brakes, rear wheel bearings, ball joints and swing arm bearings. Everything's floppin' around like a fish in a boat. Turns out regular grease wasn't enough.

On a different note, front end/diff is makin' some odd grinding/clicking noises in four wheel drive when turning [sounds like the left side?]...seams to be working OK. Thought it was a CV joint at first, but it only does it in four wheel drive.
Does anyone have any recommendations for the front diff?
Is there an aftermarket or do I go back to factory diff if needed? My buddies is making the same noises...his started last year, mine started this year.

Was trying to find something on You Tube without much luck, not saying it's not there. I just suck when it comes to computers.

Thankful for any help, cheers


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Apr 21, 2007
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Westend, Edmonton, Ab
I have a 2013 1000 xmr. I had the rear bolt that hold both swing arms to the frame work it's way out too. The bolt/shaft broke at one end, the left side started to rub on against the fender near my left foot. I replace the bolt/ shaft and notice all the bearing inside the swing arms were very dry and seizing up. I had to clean and replace them. I put on grease nipple and fill the swing arms full of grease.
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