2023' Matryx 850 aftermarket exhaust can options


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Jun 6, 2022
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Bittern Lake, Alberta
Just a couple questions on the 2023' chassis versus the 2022'.

1 ) Does anyone have insight on if the exhaust configuration is the same on the 2023' as 2022'? Just asking as would like to get started on getting a aftermarket exhaust can picked up.

2 ) For those with the 850 last year, what aftermarket exhaust cans were you running and pros/cons of them? We have been running the Sled Shed cooker/ HPS cans (Pricey!!) on our Pros and Axys and very happy with them. Leaning towards the Sled Shed cooker again for our 2023'.

Even if the sled doesn't show up until this time next year, we can at least stare at the can all winter! LOL

Will not be changing out the pipe.

Thanks for any input.
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