2009 Yamaha rhino 700 spark issue


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Jan 30, 2020
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Sooooo when I connect the battery cables to the battery, the dash stays on regardless if the key is in the ignition or out ( thought ignition was shorted). But non the less it won’t start. Now with some trouble shooting we discovered when we disconnect the coil power and the key is in the off position the dash turns off and by turning the key on the dash comes on normally as if nothing is wrong (on off on off with no issue) now when we plug the power bag into the coil it continually stays powered, and “sometimes” the fuel pump will stay on even if the key is turned to the off position. Anyone experience this before?
-Original coil is seeing a pulse when cranking
-stators was checked and good too

Tried to change coil and as soon and new coil was in it popped a fuse.

Can’t figure out why there is constant power to the coil and having said that why the dash would be on when coil is connected ?

Could it be I have bunch of bad relays ?
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