2006 800 Rev “beep beep” multiple codes


May 5, 2009
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red deer alberta
Hello all. I have a 2006 summit 800 ptek 151 with multiple codes. It has the following.

P0079 E-RAVE solenoid.
P0107 air pressure
P0113 air temp
P0513 key
P0654 tach
P1261 DPM
P1671 buzzer.

The sled runs and starts good but always goes “beep beep” at me. Does it worse in the mountains. I cleaned the rave valves and they seem good. It does it still a bit when I ride around Red Deer but by wiggling the key I can sometimes remedy it. I cleaned the post and keys. They seem good. Tach is working fine.

Any idea where I should start with this problem. I’ve been told I can replace the DPM, Reed’s, post, computer but all that is very costly. The reeds should only be done if it runs like crap right? So they should be fine.

Any help will be appreciated.
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