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    RENSHAW Area - Updates - Not Groomed/Serviced

    Death sentences ? , new snow this week ? Low ridership this year?….hold my beer maxwell on ur couch….lol every one should stay away from renshaw, theres to much backcountry freedom snow for any one to ride. Prego side panel expert doo’s are stayin home boyz……..Go out and Get Some!!!!
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    Forster 23-24' conditions

    Over the years it shoulda had a dedicated trail cam on it for the laughs, and painted gold…lol The key here is don’t look at it. or on icy evenings or mornings, bring some chain brakes
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    RENSHAW Area - Updates - Not Groomed/Serviced

    I believe the road is owned by one of the governments fed/prov. The gate is Locked for legal liability purposes only. so any one operating something like a eg:grooming service/club ) can’t b at fault on public land for injury… i wrong ? Idk Only the rcmp could tell u the real deets I guess
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    Where did the Boondocker video guys go?

    —-But what u really want is Dan treadways song from slednex….lol One more chill highway drive tune for u
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    2023-2024 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    WT…F…? Caribou closure signs and now planker closures ? How much room do they think they have over there. Wow!!!! Just make it a ski hill and get it over with. lol is there a sign that says all the rest of the mountain is for sleddin only then? Or can they plank-out where ever they want
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    Can’t make this ch!t up.

    this country is stupid as F. USA and other country’s, watch the Canadian joke go on and on
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    BC needs to import electricity this year.

    True, only they know the math. But I’m sure they could run 4 turbines and one more of the 6 on the down stream dam for 7 months at-least instead of bc buying more power.
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    BC needs to import electricity this year.

    I got the info right there on site, on a tour of the upper dam in person with staff there, they also said If there’s no demand on the switch yard they can’t just open up more turbines, it can only work on demand load, like a fine balance of not to much power can be sent down the line if it’s...
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    Golden and Area Conditions 2023-2024

    Smc’s new ride!!! Shhhhhhh just the right sound
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    BC needs to import electricity this year.

    Hudson hope bc as two hydro dams, here’s the the weird part, The upper one has 10 turbines And they only use 2 at a time cuz the need for power is not there for the switch yards load, and the lower dam with 6 turbines has never been needed so there’s talk of decommissioning now due to it not...
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    GGB, SLP, or BIKEMAN muffler(can)
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    Golden and Area Conditions 2023-2024

    So a guy posts pics and info on conditions of pow ( witch we all need to see here). and u get all woke on him about his loud can….lol Cool man….go get a stick and take up hiking with some granola for ur quite time u hippy!!
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    Carrying Fuel - Matryx

    These are tight!! and help stiffen up the tunnel, supper light also
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    900r cans
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    Staying in the Renshaw parking lot

    Ya…totally right!!!! Wa wa about albertans and red plates all over BC, like we were the plague. We have all heard it. Just to funny
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