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    Silver Tip Sledder’s

    Hey just seen this thread. I'm in. Didn't read it all had to take a nap half way through.
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    Expedition 2023 900 Ace

    I use the Doo Synchromesh Transmission Syntenic Oil. Thats the recommend type of oil. Changed it 2 times now. I have 6000+ KM pulling a grooming drag for snowmobile trails. Would be cheaper to use your Oil.
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    Expedition 2023 900 Ace

    The Expedition with high ,low and reverse takes a special gearcase lubricant just to let you know. They want you to take exhaust muffler out to check and fill.
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    New 2023/24 Cataract Creek snow and riding conditions

    Post questions and conditions here
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    Fire Season 2023

    Heard talk of a OHV ban till rain comes. Cant blame them but it should be a complete bush ban of all unnecessary users
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    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Great pictures. Thanks
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    Raced cancelled

    Low snow inland and bad sea ice. Think they played it safe. But now what do they do with the prize money?
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    MD of Lesser Slave River Photo Contest

    Thanks to all those that helped me get on the calander. January photo.
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    MD of Lesser Slave River Photo Contest

    Ok I made it to January's page
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    🎅Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all
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    Happy birthday.......

    Happy Birthday Pappajake
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    Who started in Mountains on a Fancooled Sled

    Started out in Valemount on a new 1979 Yamaha ET340. Stayed on the forestry roads then Allen Creek cabin
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    MD of Lesser Slave River Photo Contest

    Thanks for those who voted. I made it past first cut. Now they check my photo for quality and if will work on calendar. Thanks again
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    Cataract Creek Area snow conditions and trail condition thread for 2022/23

    Here is the new thread to post all your reports and questions. Snow fell in the south thought it was time to start a new thread for the season
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    Relocating to the Right Coast

    you know what i meant. Always the Bogger. LOL
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    Relocating to the Right Coast

    Its a nice place out East. We have friends and family in Nova Scotia. Neighbor here is from St Johns and he tells stories of the area. Good luck Ian and Arlene. Hope you do make it back to some Snow and Mud fun events.
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    Snow Conditions

    Read section above this one. conditions there
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    Let the Predictions start, What's in for 2023??

    Im a utility guy. I would like to see power steering on the DOO wide body Gen 4. Maybe a dedicated pulling chassis as well as the old Groomer Special from Cat and Yamaha Now continue with Mountain Sled Talk
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    Alberta Snowmobile Tours - Guided rides of Alberta's Marvelous Trail Systems

    Tyler how many guides are you using for a group ride?
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