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  1. crazy_wheeler

    Need a front superclamp today 🙏🏻

    Did you find 1 Lyle?
  2. crazy_wheeler

    Random Pictures Thread

    Nice view. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a flame burning away at the flare stack. Last 4yrs has been on the eastern side of the province in the sandbox so you rarely see that in sagd
  3. crazy_wheeler

    West of the 5th Rally Feb 25

    They definitely have some kick azz prizes this year. I’m home from work that weekend but 1 kid has city soccer finals & the other has hockey games 🤦‍♂️
  4. crazy_wheeler

    My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Stroke - Updated Dec 22, 2023

    My son is back on gabapentin as well,100mg 3x day. So far seems to be helping his phantom pains. He was on pregabalin for a couple months due to the gabapentin causing high blood pressure but it’s major side affect is blurry vision.
  5. crazy_wheeler

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    James definitely doesn’t get his height from me…
  6. crazy_wheeler

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    Sounds like North Edmonton Hyundai. All the Hyundai dealers around Edmonton only wanted to take orders. Found Gary Mo Hyundai in Red Deer had 2 of the Ultimate Calligraphy’s in stock & were willing to sell 1 so we bought the silver. Currently have it service at the Hyundai dealer in Spruce Grove...
  7. crazy_wheeler

    Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club - Trailer Raffle

    If I’m home from work I’ll make a pass by the Beach
  8. crazy_wheeler

    Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club - Trailer Raffle

    Mother Nature sure isn’t cooperating for the chances of having a sled rally
  9. crazy_wheeler

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    We’ve got a ‘22 Palisade calligraphy with 67000 km’s on it now. So far problem free & the fuel mileage averages approx 9.6 L/100km. Comfy for driver & passengers. Our son is 6’5 & has enough leg room in the second row. The 3rd row can be a bit cramped for adults but not a problem for kids.
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