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  1. JayT

    Bird's Aren't Real. I'm Serious.

    Can I use this in another thread? 🤣
  2. JayT

    Humorous picture thread

    That's it? That's the joke. Actually pretty good
  3. JayT

    Humorous picture thread

  4. JayT

    Humorous Kijiji Adds
  5. JayT

    Trespassers on private land

    Yeah hopefully he doesn't accidentally shoot you thinking you're a deer... That would be icing on the cake
  6. JayT

    Random Pictures Thread

    It was a dome all around us. Pretty cool
  7. JayT

    Random Pictures Thread

    Took these 10 min ago
  8. JayT

    Random Pictures Thread

  9. JayT

    Defund the CAHN

    I think Jeremy McKenzie is doing a heck of a job taking them down all on his own
  10. JayT

    Defund the CAHN

    Yeah those were good times 🤣
  11. JayT

    Humorous picture thread

  12. JayT

    Polaris general 4

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the general 1000 xp 4 2021 or newer? Good or bad? I've watched all the utube reviews but I trust those about as much as warm egg salad
  13. JayT

    Jet boat photos

    Not gonna lie, I've been getting interested
  14. JayT

    Humorous picture thread

    Sh!t I just told my son the 5 second rule tonight.... Guess I have to change that
  15. JayT

    Lahaina Burns

    I think what's more likely is through all of the Mainstream media and also social media, Whether it be truther channels or whatever, They are destroying the economy on Maui. Who do you think is going there for a holiday right now? I think it was roughly 2000 acres that burned... Hardly a drop...
  16. JayT

    Can Am Outlander 500/700..... Reviews?

    You're talking the single cylinder model? I know hes biased but ostacruiser has a review of them
  17. JayT

    Diesel shortage starting dec 7 2022

    I guess I haven't gotten diesel in a while from there. Being filling out of my bulk tank. Those prices are way up from the last time I bought in Stony
  18. JayT

    Diesel shortage starting dec 7 2022

    Coop in stony is always cheapest I can find. Edmonton is a rip off
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