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    No snow, bored, Post a pic of your old mountain Mod!

    Looks like my old sled I bought from Darren, had a 1150 in it and changed it to 900 cat turbo, then sold it.
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Well was a crappy finish to digging season to get a call your hoe is burning.
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    Cool Guns

    Yes but he is going farming !!!
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    Cool Guns

    A new to me gun, going to be a learning curve for sure.
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    I would ask them if they put a caveat on your house and own the roof intrade for no cost of install.
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    Got a residential with a 50' cord which was too short, had to order a 75'.
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    Calling on peeps with a 18-19 foot inboard with the 190HP version of the 4.3L

    We had a Campion 18' open bow with the 4.3 190hp, we used it with a 2-3 seater tube with no issues had a aul power prop on it not bad on fuel. From what i remember the difference between the 2 was 190 was carb and 220 was efi.
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    Wireless Doorbells

    lol Linked to my phone.
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    Wireless Doorbells

    We use nest but used the 2 wire so no batteries works good tied to your phone.
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    Aluminum Sulfate

    Looking to plant blueberry plants and Ph in soil is too high, has anyone have experience with this to lower Ph. Have to go from 7 to 5ish. From what I can find about 2 lbs per 10 sq ft.
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    Fire / OHV Season 2023 Part II

    But the house on opposite side to east not so lucky.
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    Very weird problem.

    Could be a crank seal, colder it shrinks and when it warms seals up. Reason i think this my work truck sits outside no leaks on rear wheel seal, brought in garage to change transfercase and both rear wheel seals leaking on back end 3500 truck so pain to change.
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    Very weird problem.

    What is compression like?
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    argo on tracks

    Hate to burst your bubble but i have a skidsteer with tracks and not enough speed with snow on hills, been there and done it.
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    Diesel Fuel Prices, UFA Rip Off!

    On my bill its .09 less, used to be when carbon tax was brought out
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    Diesel Fuel Prices, UFA Rip Off!

    Dyed is only .09 less than clear
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    2022 Trail Cam Pictures

    Have same problem with spy point solar unit very sensitive lots of nothing in pictures.
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    We had the rv one working good in Faust last month
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    The RV ones are avaliable now
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    Still 2023 for our area???
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