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    Belt Drives

    I went with the Mountain Valley Machine Belt Drive on my 2015 M8000 last year, Stock ratio, good quality set up, easy install. Seat of pants feel is an improvement over stock chaincase. RPM's up slightly over previous year so I'd say it shed some friction as well as weight. 800 trouble free...
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    Work Boots and the Embarrasing Smelly Feet

    Try treating feet with Drisol, extra strength antiperspirant, available at the Drudstore. Stop the sweating moisture, stop the smell.
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    Ideas for real old fuel system clean out on dirt bike.

    I have very good results with Seafoam fuel system cleaner.
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    Cheap Yamaha Parts

    Recreation Supply in Saskatoon
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    In the market for a teryx 4

    I have 5300 km's on 2014 Teryx2. The 800 is a big improvement over the 750, increased oil capacity, power, improved air filtration/location and a wet clutch are great. Other than a blown belt at 30 miles, which was addressed with a recall on the secondary clutch, have not a single issue. The...
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    Mtntk turbo kit. For sale

    Yes it is.
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    Tailgate support

    Not sure what vehicle you have, but there's a set for a Superduty for $50 on Trading Post under vehicle parts and accessories
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    Mtntk turbo kit. For sale

    I have a mtntk turbo kit for a pro rmk for sale. around 600 km on the kit. Askin 5000 obo. pm me for detaisl
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    Polishing hoods

    Try Meguiars Ultimate Compound, works awesome on badly faded or oxidized painted or plastic surfaces.
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    M series Service Manual

    I have a 2007 Manual, will that work? PM me and I'll email it to you, can't seem to attach PDF here.
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    2015 / 2016 Valemount Conditions and Updates

    rode Allan today. Close to 10" in parking lot. Trail up was perfect. Fresh all day. Anywhere from 90cm to 130 in most spots. Made it to hillclimb. Big natural slides on most north facing slopes.
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    Dust off your wallet!

    So did you enjoy your thanks for letting us bend you over POS jacket, pin and hat! Sweet. And yes I own about 1500 shares of Arctic Cat that I took it up the shoot to in the last year. Thanks for that to Cat!! Just my rant!! Thanks
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    Dust off your wallet!

    Wow, great deals here! Not wanting to say anything bad about Terry and the gang. But just want to give a special thanks to Arctic Cat for providing these great prices after a couple of brand loyal guys in my family paid top dollar snow checking 1 and purchasing another in November, of the said...
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    Great to here all the success stories guys. 12 weeks for me, about the 9th attempt in 37years! Tried every thing under the sun, cold turkey, Gum, patches, Zyban, Champix, Hypnotism, Acupuncture. Longest I ever made was 9 months, and usually gained about 20 pounds. I believe I never really wanted...
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    2010 M8 Primary Spring

    Try the Dalton white/green, engages at about 3500-3600 rpm, nice and smooth engagement. Same finish rate as the Cat yellow/white so you don't have to use different weights.
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    2014/2015 Season Picture Thread

    This was clemina dec.13
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    2010 Crossfire Dalton adjustable weights.... Need some help!

    I would still pop the cover of the clutch and check for binding in the clutch moveable sheave, weights, rollers etc. and maybe an extra coil of old spring in there!
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    2010 Crossfire Dalton adjustable weights.... Need some help!

    Is this the part # of your weights, QACA-LW. Engagement should be around 4200 rpm for 0 to 3000 ft and 71grams and yellow/white primary spring should have you at 8000 to 8100 max rpm.
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