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  1. f150truck

    McBride Renshaw avalanche 2016 Memorial plate

    Yes, unfortunately.
  2. f150truck

    McBride Renshaw avalanche 2016 Memorial plate

    R.I.P. guys It been 7 years already!!
  3. f150truck

    Custom made Sled cover?

    There still on the website?
  4. f150truck

    Custom made Sled cover?

    Skinz cover most of the sled.
  5. f150truck

    Favorite Chocolate Bar(s) when sledding?

    Snicker peanut butter and Lara bars
  6. f150truck

    McBride Renshaw avalanche 2016 Memorial plate

    Hard to believe it’s 5 years ago.
  7. f150truck

    G4 tunnel chop

    146 doesn’t come in a 3”
  8. f150truck

    TSS instaboost - 2014 XM - please help!

    Top Secret Shop
  9. f150truck

    Dump Trailer Rentals -- Edmonton Area

    I think Ray Agro (Esso Bulk Dealer) in Stony Plain is a Flaman Rental dealer. Also I have rented from Beothuk Trailers in Edmonton. Both were good to deal with.
  10. f150truck

    McBride Renshaw avalanche 2016 Memorial plate

    R.I.P. guys - 4 years ago
  11. f150truck

    Truck LED light bars

    I had a 13" Combo, Flood & spot beams, It was great. Don't mount on top of bumper with the cast brackets, someone will decide they need it more than you and break the brackets. Don't go too big or you really can't see once you shut it off and go to low beams!!
  12. f150truck


    Check these guys out, They tested side by side several expensive and then under $100 coolers
  13. f150truck

    Wave/wavy/spring washer source

    Try a bearing house like Commercial bearing or Motion industries, Also Fastenal. Also try McMaster Carr, a supply house out of USA.
  14. f150truck

    Living in a 5th wheel, travel trailer or camper year round.

    If you had a 4 season unit like brands, Arctic Fox (already mentioned) or a Roughneck, then might not be too bad. But normal RV trailers are bad to try to use even in the late fall in Alberta (-10 to 10C).
  15. f150truck

    Random Pictures Thread

    It's called a Jigger, for getting rope under the ice to then install commercial fish nets. It is made out of wood so it floats against the underside of the ice. The operating rope is tied to a movable steel arm. You pull on the rope , a pick on the wooded arm sticks in the ice and pushes the...
  16. f150truck

    Very Strange Question

    not on Monday but January 27
  17. f150truck

    For those that don't carry a spot,inreach or sat phone why not?

    If you have sent a 911 from a spot or Inreach then SAR has your exact GPS co-ordinates !!! But your radio channel is a good idea also.
  18. f150truck

    The Renshaw - McBRIDE

    Pictures of Renshaw riding area map.
  19. f150truck

    Best way to fix this

    Devcon aluminum putty or JB Weld.
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