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  1. Darrell D

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Looking for any updates on Chappell or Allen. Thanks
  2. Darrell D

    2021-2022 Mcbride Conditions and Updates

    Any recent reports on the Renshaw trail and conditions up top?
  3. Darrell D

    Sled stuck removal techniques

    We always end up having at least two snow bungees in the riding groups. They get used in more and more situations from the traditional ski pull to pullling on the rear suspensions lifting the sled up and forward, pulling the sleds around on their sides etc. Of course this always depends on...
  4. Darrell D

    BLUE RIVER Conditions, Updates and Rad Stuff 2020/2021

    Any reports from this past weekend, how were the conditions?
  5. Darrell D

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2020 2021

    Pretty sure theve rented it out to pipe line people. They cancelled the reservations we had for this season.
  6. Darrell D

    Questions About Trailers

    Been using a 18 foot enclosed cargo mate for 10 years now. It will haul 3 long tracks, very basic nothing fancy. Added supergluides to protect the floor. If i were buying again i would just get a 18 foot + V front without a folding door. That would provide a little more room,probably pull a...
  7. Darrell D

    QD2, 165 Track

    Any feedback about how this system works, compared to previous drives and tracks?
  8. Darrell D

    recommendations for vet for small dog

    I would recommend the South Fort vet clinic in Ft Saskatchewan . We had our dog in there for surgery after he broke his leg. First, these people went out of there way to get him in while several other vets in the edmonton area were to busy, They charged us about a $1000 less then most of the the...
  9. Darrell D

    Jaws Pipe

    Thanks for the help guys.
  10. Darrell D

    Jaws Pipe

    I have a jaws pipe for a 2017 800 RMK. Will it transfer to a 2019 800 RMK?
  11. Darrell D

    Need enclosed trailer recommendations

    i have a 18 X 8 enclosed cargo trailer. Pull 2 or 3 163's with a f150 3.5. No problem with power , you just need to be careful with poor road conditions or high winds. Make sure to use anti sway bars.
  12. Darrell D

    2019/2020 Blue River Conditions and Updates

    Any updates for conditions at foam salmon or groundhog?
  13. Darrell D

    2017 AXYS Exhaust

    I also went with the MBRP trail can. Its not overly loud at all.
  14. Darrell D

    reasonably priced sled repairs

    Not in Sherwood Park , but Monster Works in Stony Plain will work on sleds, quads etc. Kens a great guy to works with.
  15. Darrell D

    Thoughts on the 850 174.

    Thanks for all the feedback guys.
  16. Darrell D

    Thoughts on the 850 174.

    I'm currently riding a 2017 163 X 3 and thinking about going to a 174 X 3 track with the new narrower front end for my next sled. I"m wondering how those two machines compare from anyone who has made a similar change or has ride time on the two machines. Does the narrower front end make the 174...
  17. Darrell D

    2017 - 2018 BLUE RIVER Conditions and Updates

    Any updates for Goundhog, still closed?
  18. Darrell D

    February snow conditions

    What are the current conditions? Any new snow since the weekend?
  19. Darrell D

    Help finding a 15 Polaris pro

    Ken at Monsterworks in Stony Plain has a used 15 163 Terrain Dominator. Low miles, good shape. give him a call.
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