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  1. Clode

    Talk about a FLOP

    Where are these lower cost Doo's that were being hyped up in the 858 thread :rolleyes:
  2. Clode

    top posters

    at work posty
  3. Clode

    top posters

    at work posty
  4. Clode

    Predictions on the used market?

    This add says it all, delusional
  5. Clode

    Predictions on the used market?

    FSJ I quit around '04, John was running it then already
  6. Clode

    Predictions on the used market?

    Not real surprising, I worked for them years ago and it wasn't very well managed....same people still running it.
  7. Clode

    Brute Force 750 or Grizzly 700

    I run the 25-10x12 on the rear of my bike. With the elkas I can have my dog ride on the back with me, and I dial up the compression, remove the compression when solo. The elkas also settled the bike a bunch when going over uneven terrain, they keep all four tires on the ground. They are a huge...
  8. Clode

    Brute Force 750 or Grizzly 700

    Stock wheels and no rubbing issues. I did use some course foam in the fuel tank cover to prevent it filling with mud and swelling out. I have 1000kms on the bike now.
  9. Clode

    top posters

    I need him to come eat the neighbor's cat
  10. Clode

    top posters

    I split my firewood by hand, also cut and haul it. It takes me a few days to process it cause of me spine issues. Great exercise
  11. Clode

    Cool Guns

    Looks like a nice wind free day for shooting
  12. Clode

    top posters

    almost time to go home for a nap, another night in the books
  13. Clode

    My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Stroke - Updated Dec 22, 2023

    Gabapentin is a tough drug, I tried it for my pinched nerves in my back and I agree with you, I felt like a zombie with no ambition and I wanted to sleep all the time. I hope the nerve pain subsides for you and you can eventually quit taking that garbage.
  14. Clode

    top posters

    Most dogs are allergic to chicken and it usually manifests in ear infections, itchy skin. Most dog foods/treats number one ingredient is chicken.
  15. Clode

    top posters

    1.5hrs and headed home for a nap....I dislike night shift
  16. Clode

    Looking for work

    I feel this thread was modified at some point :ROFLMAO:
  17. Clode

    2025 Are you ready?

    10-15% price increase, and maybe some decent drivers
  18. Clode

    Happy birthday.......

    Happy Birthday Troy
  19. Clode

    any interest in trailer rentals?

    you would be better off with a nice little building in the back with paper on the windows offering "massages".....take 10%, rent the building and make a mint
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