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  1. machinehead

    My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Stroke - Updated Dec 22, 2023

    All the best Ron . Good healing to you !
  2. machinehead

    3/4 Ton Gas Jobby

    What tonneau cover is that, looks beefy !
  3. machinehead

    Missing Riders Feb 27 - FOUND

    Hoping this situation ends up well for everyone involved .
  4. machinehead

    My Christmas week - Brain bleed - Stroke - Updated Dec 22, 2023

    Best of luck Ron ! It’s going to be fine .
  5. machinehead

    Places Albertans are not welcome.

    Travis has helped our group out several times . Has many used and new sled parts, if you are in a pinch . Not sure about the red plate incident , respect is everything, and he does try to accommodate .
  6. machinehead

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2021 2022

    Allen and Clemina Friday and Today
  7. machinehead

    Fraserway RV fire - Aftermath

    That's a bunch of scrap metal !
  8. machinehead

    Big Horn Dam open for random camping ?

    Thanks guys !
  9. machinehead

    Big Horn Dam open for random camping ?

    Hey anybody been down to the Bighorn Dam site for camping recently ? Alberta website says emergency closure as of July 21st ? Still closed or good to go ? Cheers .
  10. machinehead

    Ruby Falls this time of year

    Well that didn’t sound fun , next time trim the zip ties to make the MacGyver repair look neat !😂
  11. machinehead

    Autotrader Names 10 Best Electric Cars for 2021

    H I guess soon no more ear plugs and 1 hour pit stops for recharge .
  12. machinehead

    Vacation Property House Plans

    A Snow and Mud satellite office for safety meetings ......... :thumbsup2: Excellent Idea !
  13. machinehead

    Moving to BC

    W Yikes , think I will pass. Just out of curiosity what would the property taxes be on a dwelling like this ?
  14. machinehead

    Who Is Going to WIN the SUPER BOWL LV The GOAT or the KID !!

    Doesn’t look good for KC . Good for Brady , still has nothing to prove . G.O.A.T - Running out of fingers .
  15. machinehead

    PIEPS Beacon Failures

    Yes, how did you guys. Receipt long gone, and to my understanding mine was not registered .
  16. machinehead

    My experience with the Tesla Model 3

    Looks like GM wants to produce Commercial EV Vans in Canada. That should help deliver all the Amazon packages ! Fun Fact: In 1999 Canada was Automaker No. 4 in world, and by 2017, was No. 10...
  17. machinehead

    Sled market predictions

    Ahh , just like a wife .
  18. machinehead

    Fork oil

    Yes , my wheels are 16” as well . see you already have the shaft, should have looked closer at your post .
  19. machinehead

    Fork oil

    Yes I did . Had a 2015 Timbersled ski made by Simmons . Was fairly skidish on any icy trail , almost lost it and was was heading towards what appeared to be an endless ravine . Changed to A Yeti ski , and haven’t back . I am sure the new Timbersled ski design has been updated, as these kits...
  20. machinehead

    Fork oil

    As requested ! Just used longer hardware for spindle mount .
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