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    RENSHAW CLOSED - Jan 22,2023 ->

    The willows are way too thick to even think about Holmes River way, especially with so little snow,
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    Sorry but they have been sold out for some time now.

    Sorry but they have been sold out for some time now.
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    3 groomers and drags

    OMG, stay the F__k home you cry baby! We were some of the first to ride the Renshaw area back in the late 1980's. Breaking trails in from either side were always an an adventure and you have no clue about moguls riding the current groomed trail, seriously man! Big shout out to Rod. His operation...
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    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    I bet a lot of peeps would step up and make a wager with Maxi to see him make it from the cabin to the meadows below Spirit Lake in 10 minutes.....
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    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    You're missing quite a few spots if you're only going to crack 400km.......
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    2022-2023-Mcbride conditions and updates

    Maxwell touched on one of the biggest problems for the Renshaw trail which is low elevation with very little elevation gain for a long distance. Low elevation especially this year = little snow. And this year with no cold weather when the trail went in resulted in base never getting established...
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    you know whats interesting?

    ......and now Muskoka's G5 motor goes down at 1550 km :-(
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    g5 driveshaft clamp

    That extra length is worth a couple pounds of weight LOL
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    Muskoka Freerider

    That DOO is pretty beat up already....don't think the odometer will factor in too much for resale at this point.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    And the cost of his 3 sleds is around $85K, unfortunately one got written off before he could ride it.
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    Muskoka Freerider

    Can't believe Muskoka Matt is still not an Ambassador for DOO or POO!
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    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2022-2023

    2 feet and growing on the stick at Allen......what's everybody waiting for?
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    UCP leadership results

    Guess Kenney was right when he said the LUNATICS WILL BE RUNNING THE ASYLUM.....couldn't be more true!
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    Toyota Tacoma?

    Forget the Tacoma, suggest you have a look at Honda Ridgeline
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    New Hotel... The Lodge-McBride

    Hot tub?
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    BRP delay

    Electric start instead of SHOT on mountain sleds.....ugh.
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    Snowmobile Extended Warranty

    All these aftermarket and extended factory warranty prices are negotiable. Huge dealer markup.
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    Jackson 2022 Thread

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    Muskoka Freerider

    Don't forget to add on belts. Think I saw him change out at least 5 but he rides pretty aggressive and the belt heat alarm was constantly going on.
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