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    Brake warning

    Brake fluid full?
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    21 duramax 3500

    Like DRD said it sounds like blend door actuator if you have different temps on each side. My truck is doing the same thing in this extreme cold. Now that it’s warmer I’m going to try what they recommend in here (pull fuses etc to recalibrate the blend doors)...
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    Clutch updated info

    That just tells you how fun the Polaris is to ride in that type of terrain.
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    If we’re riding big sky or island park, is that riding within Yellowstone national park? Are these ‘Best Available Technology’ regs new or is that a different area than we’d ride?
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    Thanks for all the great input. So it does seem like less are going south to ride… I’d be happy to explore more in BC but should have mentioned this is an annual trip where some buds come out from MB. It’s actually further for them to get to most riding areas in BC than to Yellowstone. They all...
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    Does anyone here still ride at Yellowstone? I see lots online about Montana riding but not a lot is current. Most of the recent stuff on here is about Rip and the train station lol. When I look up guides or cabins most seem to be touristy trail ride stuff which isn’t what we want. Little group...
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    2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

    Coolest looking mtn sled on the market
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    Israel at War

    Yeah but one Russian troll posted on telegram that it’s not true and the echo chamber confirmed that - so your sources are all lying. Duh
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    AVI to MP4

    Definitely no option to save original files in a different format that works better for you?
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    Israel at War

    Lmao it has nothing to do with tats and a suit. You can’t tell from listening to him that he’s a pompous ch!t disturbing blow hard with low level intelligence? That’s scary. But I’ll leave you to carry on believing he’s looking out for the best in society and not just likes and pumping his own ego.
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    Israel at War

    Yep. Good thing we have Chris Sky to figure it all out for us 🤦‍♂️
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    Israel at War

    How can anyone listen to that buffoon. If people are looking to someone of his intellect for information lord help us all
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    Random Pictures Thread

    Got this awesome dude’s attention for a sec at arenacross tonight
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    Battery maintenance in cold weather travel

    “A 100% fully charged battery will not freeze until approximately -76 degrees Fahrenheit,” Kimbrough said in a telephone interview. “A fully discharged battery can freeze at or around 32 degrees.”
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    Zbroz canadian distributor

    Does anyone have experience with servicing Exit shocks? Am I shipping back to Zbroz for that or does someone in AB do that in house
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    The life of a 800 etec?

    I had a lemon. 2013 summit. Bone stock. Treated it good enough but she blew up two times. Never got more than 1800 kms out of a top end not even the original. Mechanic never could find the problem. I did not enjoy my 800 etec experience lol Buddy had exact same sled and treated it like ch!t sold...
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    Thread Derailers need to Stop - Covid or Conspiracy Talk stays in existing named threads otherwise is Deleted!

    Thanks Ron and hope you really stick with it. Always wondered why you let the same 3-5 guys crater every thread. They don’t post anything about vehicles or offroad riding so are straight up in the wrong forum. I’ve tried other sites to get away from it but do prefer this one if that crap is gone.
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    250f vs 450f?

    Will you be riding single track in big hills or more quad trail with the odd hill? Big hill ST isn’t great on a 450 because it has so much power and doesn’t give a lot of time to hesitate before it stalls. And they get hot. 250f is similar but more forgiving because it won’t loop out as easy...
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    Onesee via Peak

    I appear to be one of the few that loves my onesie (Tobe). Ran two piece for 30 years and far prefer the onesie. I’m a fairly active rider and like that its so light and not bulky. No bunching up over the bibs etc. No question it is harder to get on and off but I’m not one to take my jacket off...
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