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  1. Bnorth


    Heavy D Sparks He had a hellcat swapped jeep on the same track setup in another vid that seemed to work way better than I had expected. I saw a pic on IG of the tracked cybertruck with a munched upper A arm already though.
  2. Bnorth

    Hunters Range 2023 - 2024

    As I sit at work looking out at a bluebird day awaiting Doug's latest conditions report. I heard a rumor he was up at Hunters today.
  3. Bnorth

    Hunters Range 2023 - 2024

    That's a pretty decent offer, most guys have those under lock and key.
  4. Bnorth

    Hunters Range 2023 - 2024

    Just send them your GPS tracks and I'm sure they'll be fine :ROFLMAO:
  5. Bnorth

    Blue Lake 23/24

    Didn't want to ride from the bottom at Blue Lake yesterday so went to Queest. Lots of rock on the trail below 3km. Snow is pretty bad up top. Rock hard layer over all the old tracks and trenches. Both sleds (Alpha, G5) were just spinning on the ice layer not able to cut through it. 8-12" of...
  6. Bnorth

    2023-2024 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    Lol quite the thread going on FB over this. They're stinkbugs they hibernate and you don't even know they are there until you get a nice warm sunny day and then they start coming out of all sorts of tiny hidden little spots. Lady needs to chill out or go back home.
  7. Bnorth

    AC blast?

    Lady I work with has one but doesn't really ride it enough/hard enough to give much feedback. For what you describe I would just find an older 550 fan and then not worry about the kids overheating it.
  8. Bnorth

    Any condo owners in Panama.

    How is the general attitude towards Canadians or do they even know your nationality? I believe their government just confiscated a large Canadian mine as the royalty agreement was deemed to go against their legislature.
  9. Bnorth

    2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

    HAHAHA what a joke, fawk you Cat. Another useless overpriced gauge just like the Doo.
  10. Bnorth

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    timing chain issues I think and IIRC a glass transmission as well.
  11. Bnorth

    The end of BC resources.

    I can see a day when we pay property tax to the city as well as the band that claims the area.
  12. Bnorth

    Hunters Range 2023 - 2024

    How do you like the Borch throttle?
  13. Bnorth

    The Vladimir Putin Interview

    The purpose was for Tucker to raise his own profile. He's running a business now and views/listens/clicks/subscriptions = dollars.
  14. Bnorth

    any interest in trailer rentals?

    Sounds like more of a headache than a side hustle. Build some covered storage instead and store boats/RVs charge a premium for being covered and in town (if it's in town). Once that's paid for add some doors and heat and really crank up the charges.
  15. Bnorth

    2025 Are you ready?

    maxwell edition in Arctic Cat green
  16. Bnorth

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    The hybrid is a 4 cylinder, ours is the V6. Guess we better trade it for a hybrid around sparkplug time.
  17. Bnorth

    2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

  18. Bnorth

    Mid-Sized SUV's

    good thing your sidechick ain't knocked up then.
  19. Bnorth

    Muskoka Freerider

    Yeah but they got 20-40mm of rain in between lol
  20. Bnorth

    2024 Arctic Cat Catalyst

    Clutched by BRP engineers.
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