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  1. ttpowersports

    Need 5.5’ Truckbox from Medicine Hat brought north Edmonton or bonnyville

    Hey guys I need a f150 5.5 ‘ truck box safely hauled :) from Medicine Hat to Edmonton or bonnyville let me know if anyone is traveling or knows reasonable couriers that may save me a road trip message me or text 780-826-0319 thanks and merry Christmas to all Terry
  2. ttpowersports

    end of season tire blowout !

    all street bike tires in stock blowing out below cost ! end of season clearance ... call or check our facebook for sizes...
  3. ttpowersports

    wanted 153-3" lug powerclaw track

    looking for a take off track 153-3" power claw 3.0 pitch what cha got
  4. ttpowersports

    sled transport to ontario Site member which does it ?

    had a post on here awhile back about a someone that travels back and forth to Ontario I have a sled I need taken there. ? if anyone knows who please contact me thanks terry
  5. ttpowersports

    2017 King Cat...162 over 200 dyno'd hp :)

    two bits on the ALL NEW 2017 King Cat 2017 King Cat... from a rider of the 4 strokes since they came out, non-turbo and turbo models,,, this is definitely going to be a game changer for the Mountain riders. Stock engine over 208 hp ? factory turbo? Team...
  6. ttpowersports

    Snow updates ? West Yellowstone

    Any body been out recently ? Pics ? Leave sat for a week :)
  7. ttpowersports

    west yellow stone conditions ? favorite riding spots ?

    Going with two couples down to Yellowstone first week of Feb riding for a week , anyone know the conditions and any honey holes? we have been there back in 2011 and had a blast on the trails did a lot of them and also some in Idaho , staged at hotel in Yellowstone nightly. looking to pack a...
  8. ttpowersports

    BC off road registration for out of province users ?

    Can anyone cut to the chase and list what is the new procedure for displaying plates ? or are we required to buy a yearly pass? where can we find the reader friendly version with the facts . and go...... Terry
  9. ttpowersports

    Ast 1 field day in vale mount

    :thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2::thumbsup2: Thank you zacs tracks, for an unbelievable field day to complete our ast1 a group of 5 of us staff n customers traveled the 9 plus hours through rain snow to get here . And your instructor rocked! That guy knows his stuff think...
  10. ttpowersports

    new yamaha turbo trade for enclosed 2010 162 180 hp less than 100km

    looking for a second enclosed trailer , want to trade for a new w/ warranty 2010 162 nitro, w/ 180 mpi turbo has 150 km or less.... wouldconsider car hauler 26-30' let me know what you have... Terry
  11. ttpowersports

    Apex parts

    Have black hood, 150.00 have rear skid less rear axle ... 500 have new not installed new in box reverse kit...for 749.00 retail 1049.00 .... Save some cash...
  12. ttpowersports

    Arctic Cat Belt sale.....

    save some cash.... 0627-060 belts, 165.00 plus tax 0627-020 sale 61.00 plus tax .....:) ;) go forth and BRAAAAP
  13. ttpowersports

    need kodiak 400 engine parts.... 2004-2006

    we are looking for a head, cylinder for a 2004 kodiak 400 auto.... anyone have a wrecked one there parting out let us know.... or we will sell you our atv that needs top end...otherwise excellent shape... 1950.00 new tires fresh service.... rear box, winch...
  14. ttpowersports

    new crate engine r-1 still in crate...

    ok...i know classified..sponsor section.... but i just got a new still in crate r-1 engine...2006 ....just saying... call me terry
  15. ttpowersports

    Its official wildcat 4 four seater..... Is here...

    WELL ALMOST NEW: Key Information NEW Partnership with TEAM INDUSTRIES Introducing the NEW Rapid Response Clutch System, completely new Drive and Driven Clutch for increased performance! We have worked with FOX Racing Shox to developed NEW shocks developed specifically for this unit New...
  16. ttpowersports

    Open house saturday dec - 1 everyone welcome.....

    - happy november ...... Time for our xmas open house..... Saturday dec 1.... 9-4 come in and xmas shop..... - i ordered a ton of snow...:) :) should be awesome..... Big discounts,,,,, great deals..... Coffee , donuts..., - stocking stuffers a plenty..... :) come in and meet the...
  17. ttpowersports

    300hp m1000

    -every ride one..... got the itch.... check this out
  18. ttpowersports

    300 hp turbo 1000

    Like it says 2009 m1000 385 miles...loaded check out the link to our fb $13,900
  19. ttpowersports

    bedrace? help need bed?

    kinda got roped into doing a bed race.... anyone build one? or have one from previous event they want to sell , lend, donate..etc..... message me if you have anything... thanks Terry
  20. ttpowersports

    roses are red...............

    roses are red....violets are blue.....if wasnt for snow and mud i wouldnt know you s........ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY....... S & M ERS..... HAVE A GREAT DAY...MAKE SURE YOU DONT FORGET TO BUY THE GIRLFRIEND SOMETHING....... OH YA AND THE WIFE TOO....LOL.... JK
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