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  1. underdog

    Internet dating

    Anyone try it? Has anyone been matched up with this fine young woman yet?
  2. underdog

    Sandy Hook Shooting... Hoax?

    Well this is interesting. Not sure if this video has been posted yet. It's 30 minutes long, so make sure you have time for it.
  3. underdog

    Battery case

    Does anyone have one of these on their phones? My phone lasts most of the day, but during seeding and harvest, I use my phone a lot, and seem to draw the battery down faster. I saw a friend had a case on his phone, that charged his phone, so I did some research. Here is my first choice for a...
  4. underdog

    1200 fuel controller

    What's the best fuel controller for the 4-tec engines? I have the FPP stage 1 turbo on my sled right now, but thinking that over the summer, I might make some changes to make it into a monster. This is my first turbo sled, so I would like to have a fuel controller that has ease of use. Thanks.
  5. underdog

    Bought a 09 1200

    That's stretched to a 163, and has a fpp stage 1 turbo. What all should I keep an eye on on this beast?
  6. underdog

    Help me Ron!

    I can't get onto S&M when I'm using my wireless internet. But if I use my phone's hotspot, it works just fine. What's going on??
  7. underdog


    I can't sign in with tapatalk, but don't have any problem with other forums I'm on. Did it get disabled? Or what's the deal?
  8. underdog

    Polaris Predator

    Have a guy that wants to trade a 2003 Polaris Predator 500 for my truck. Anything I need to look for on this bike? Any faults with them?
  9. underdog

    Happy birthday zeebs.....

    Hope you have a good one, buddy.
  10. underdog

    Parliament moving.

    Check it out, Three Hills to be the Capital of Canada. “Prudence demands that we move the capital farther away from the American border,” according to one adviser in the Prime Minister’s Office. “We have the perfect alternative: a pleasant town in the province that holds our wealth, which will...
  11. underdog

    Train horns

    Does any one have them on their vehicles? Which ones work best? Want to put some on my weekend truck.
  12. underdog


    Hey Ladies. My girlfriend and her cousin have started a small business making headbands. If you bought a headband or two from them, they would love you forever.
  13. underdog

    NYC News article

    Seen this on a buddies Facebook page. Seems like America is no longer the Land of the Free and the home of the brave. They're so worried about offending people. But what about me? All of this political correctness offends me...
  14. underdog

    Supercharger or Nitrous?

    Looking to spend some more money on my play truck, and have come down to these 2 options. I already have full exhaust, (headers, no cats) Cold air intake, mild cams, 4:56 gears, and an electric fan conversion on my little 4.7L Dodge. So what are the pros and cons of a supercharger? Nitrous? I...
  15. underdog

    Happy Birthday Dirtygirll!

    :birthday2::party::party2: Hope you have a good one Tina.
  16. underdog

    Intermittent ETEC problem

    When cold, my sled will start first pull every time. But when warm, sometimes it will take up to 10+ pulls to start it. When it doe's it most is after a long hard pull, or after rolling it over to get unstuck.... Any ideas for a fix?
  17. underdog

    Cooke Slide

    This came across my newsfeed on facebook. Hopefully no one on here was involved.
  18. underdog

    Cyle is famous! sent from a phone
  19. underdog

    How many miles or km?

    Like the title says, how many miles or kilometres did you put on in the 2010-2011 season? Put 980 miles on my sled (1500 or so kilometres) Sent from my Desire HD
  20. underdog

    Ride home

    Seen the first vehicle thread and I got thinking. Did anyone else have an interesting ride home from the hospital when they were born? Here's a couple pictures of the vehicle that picked my mom and me up from the hospital. Got picked up from Drumheller, went to Brooks with a load of grain (I...
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