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    Silver Tip Sledder’s

    Gods country. I have done some of my most memorable rides back there. Still one of my kids favorite spots too.
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    Pro rmk 600 tips/problems?

    I’ve owned a number of 600’s and they are super reliable and make decent power. Just need regular maintenance and they keep on going.
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    Changing plugs on a turbo doo

    350 miles on my Boost and no plugs.
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    Credit Cards

    I agree on the Cobalt but it’s that mastercard that I’m struggling with. Converting points to airlines they have you bent over the barrel.
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    Game Trail Cameras - anyone have experience?

    Reconeco cams out of Fort Saskatchewan. Have the cell capable ones. The cameras are awesome as is the service.
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    2023 snowchecks

    Picked up my Boost today and put 20 miles on in the yard. First turbo for me. Going to be interesting. It certainly has a lot more get up and go. First trip to the hills soon. Need to get out of break in to really see the difference.
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    2023 snowchecks

    We will probably never know the real reason for delay. I for one will be sitting on the sideline during snow check for a few years and watching. It’s completely wrong that the customers committing up front and buying the most expensive machines receive them last. Polaris used to have the best...
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    2023 snowchecks

    Hope you are wrong Johnny because I’m about to pick up my boost and I sure won’t be happy if it blows while I’m way back somewhere.
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    1051 check engine code ?

    I think all the codes are in the owners manual. Usually the code is Pxxxx
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    1051 check engine code ?

    Couldn’t find that one exactly but SPN 51 is the TPS.
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    Source Innovations Gripper Ski Dampener and Braces.

    Have these on all my sleds. They work awesome. If your ski tip pops up you have bigger issues going on!!!great product.
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    2023 snowchecks

    Lucky you Johnny. Who knows when my boost will ship. Not impressed this year.
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    Sled Insurance

    Depends on the policy. Like an auto policy it would have to be listed.
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    2023 snowchecks

    Yup I’ll be disconnecting that feature. Apparently they think we don’t use our brakes even though they are burning up! Oh my. No thought into that one. Just fix as quick as possible.
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    2017 axys rmk pro throttle issues,tps,tss?

    I would throw a TSS delete on first. If that doesn’t cure it the TPS might still not be set right. They can be very finicky or flat out fail. I have had the pleasure of dealing with both. Very frustrating.
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    Accommodations in Valemount / Blue River

    Haha Sean if you make room for me and show me some of your honey holes I’ll gladly pay more.
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    Accommodations in Valemount / Blue River

    Yep I was only able to book 1 trip to Vale last year and this year is not looking much better. We need the pipeline and I understand why they have spiked the prices. I just hope they remember who keeps them busy once the pipeline is done.
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    Happy birthday.......

    Thanks Doug. Looking forward to riding with you again this year.
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    Looking for a drive shaft

    BWC Powersports Sherwood Park may have one.
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    What? Hearing Aids...

    Yup I agree. Got the same ones at LS Sherwood Park except rechargeable. They work very well. I had an issue with the charger but WCB covers repairs. Ended up with new charger case and new hearing aids.
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