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    Hip replacement

    A friend of mine is off to Lithuania for hip surgery. Apparently a number of Canadians have had it done over there with great success. High quality and apparently a much better price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Canada set to ban sale of fuel-powered cars & trucks by 2035

    Alaska P/L flow is getting low enough that they can’t keep the line running too much longer (friction from the oil in the line keeps it warm enough to flow). Either they add more oil or they will need to eventually shut in the line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Battery powered mowers

    We have had the Stihl for a few years now. It’s very good. Maybe an hour on a battery so maybe need two batteries if you have a large yard (we don’t). We won’t be going back to a gas powered lawn mower anytime soon. Thai is just so convenient for a city size lot. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Mounting deck to 23 gmc

    I did the whole bottom with 3/4” plywood. Just cut to fit. Sometimes I remove the deck and the plywood base Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mounting deck to 23 gmc

    I would put plywood under the legs for sure. I didn’t on my last truck and sure wish I did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New trailer

    I think Grande Design, Nash (Arctic Fox) and Outdoors RV are among the best RVs out there now. A decent one is $65-$90k for a pull type and closer to $100k for a 5th wheel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What Sled was the Biggest Gamechanger in History?

    1999 Summit 151 700. The real beginning of the long track/deep lug machines
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    My experience with the Tesla Model 3

    How does warranty work?
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    Canada Post Strike - 2018

    With the Oct 16 legalization of cannibus and the requirement to use Canada Post as the only method to move product to the retailers, the Union finally has leverage. Just another gift from the Liberal govt to the people.
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    Kinder Morgan

    With Trudeau needing the Liberal seats in Vancouver, nothing will happen until after the Federal election. Kinder Morgan will put the expansion into abatement until then. There are no pipeline companies that would touch this project. Morneau is coming to Calgary May 30 for some type of an...
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    Canadian Household Debt at all-time high.

    “Live for today with an eye for the future,” a wise man once said[emoji3]
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    Recession just around the corner?

    80 rigs in Canada and 1100 in the USA. Breakup for sure but not many predicting much of an improvement until later in the year.
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    Vegas SHOOTING

    We were in Mandalay Bay during the shooting. The festival was several hundred yards away. Many many shots fell away from the festival area. It was dark and he didn't know where a lot of shots were falling. You can see damage all over the place. There is no doubt that the volume of bullets...
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    Anyone live in or has lived in Langdon, AB

    Make sure you set enough money aside to buy a cactus if you are moving to Langdon.
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    2017 boating pics and vids

    Great pics
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    Question About Sled Decks

    I had Square tubing Welded between the front legs of my deck. I also had pads welded to the bottom of each leg and I bolt through the pads and use a large washer on the underside of the box. No twisting and no problems.
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    Any one else hear about this new anti diesel tree hugger bill?

    This is correct! Enforcement will be simple, an emission test when you register you vehicle. If you fail the test then no registration - simple enforcement. Air emission regulations are really ramping up in Canada. Good luck selling a vehicle without factory emissions. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Rig matting

    By far the biggest Rig Matting company is Northern Mat and Bridge. They have mats all over Canada. Call their GP office. A new oak/fir mat is about $700 delivered. A decent used mat will be around $100-$200. The problem is finding any especially in the right location as shipping wet dirty mat...
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    A Revy Sled Bum's Tale: Another Season with Lilduke

    Awesome pic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shell sells nearly all oil sands interests to CNRL

    An average gas well is far from 10Mm/day in production. Only the Best Montney wells are that good and after 1yr they are down by 50% and by the end of yr 2, down to 25%. We do not get $3.00 for our gas either (that is WTI pricing). We get either AECO at about $2 or Station 2 in BC which sold...
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