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    RK TEC Drop in Kit Help

    I also have the kit installed and immediately noticed the engine ran smoother and sounds way snappier. When riding it I am sure that it was staying cooler than normal. Midrange snap is definately improved. So far pretty happy with it.
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    pro 163 track speeds

    I have been tracking track speed ( no pun intended lol ) for a little while now. I have the same sled as glassman and saw what he was running for track speed and thought wow his sled rips way better than mine. I was getting around 33-34 mph track speed in 2 feet of fresh. I went out last weekend...
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    2011 800 fouling plugs

    My buddies sled did the same thing from new. They ended up rebuilding it on warranty because the top end was toast. The computer was reading like 85 overheats and 35 shutdowns in 400 miles. That is totally impossible and i know for a fact that it never happened. Polaris tried to blame him but in...
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    3 inch 162 Pro

    I did have to go with ice age 162 rails for mine. I installed the track with stock rails and it did not fit. Thats not saying that it wont fit with 7 tooth drivers. That is something i do not know. Oh and back to the turbo pro it was a stock 163 track on it and there was very little difference...
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    PAR 910, anyone else running one?

    Call Chris at parkland motor sports. He runs one. Also glassman on here has one. He has been very helpful for me and seems to be a really nice knowledgeable guy.
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    Rk Tek 858 Kit

    What a pussy. You even offered to buy the kit off of him. Put up or shut up boys. It would really be nice to see the difference and what kind of power that 858 and910 really makes. I know I will be stopping by to see what the 910 makes.
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    New build 16" wide Pro

    Lets hope you have something else to ride!!
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    B&M Fab Boards

    High velocity. Where did you get them? and what did they cost you. Did they bolt right on? Thanks
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    Is there such a thing as a pro rmk bigbore?

    Chris when are they going to be in?
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    Good news for 2013 pro

    Chris is the new camo track supposed to be more rugged and durable than the old one? Mine has been fine but a few of them are losing lugs.
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    Good news for 2013 pro

    Aww Chris you know we cant put anything in here without the skidoo trolls trying to make everyone think that the doo is the only sled out there worth talking about.
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    Should I Buy a 2012 850 XP?

    Very good machine. I have an 11 850 28 inch zillas 2 inch lift. It rocks in the mud but needs a rad relocate badly. I have not had any issues with no snorkel yet. But i generally dont ride through big water, just big mud. With the exception of the overheating it is an excelelnt machine with...
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    Rode a 2012 Pro RMK this weekend...

    Actually it was the 2010 xp that i liked. I know there are differences between the two. We actually tested them against each other and the 2010 xp would kill the 2011 etech when both had the same things done to them. I know it gets confusing but it just goes to show you cant trust what people...
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    Rode a 2012 Pro RMK this weekend...

    Just going to share what i have found. Last year i rode a turbo assault. It had tons of power, actually to much for the way it was set up. I did not enjoy riding it in the mountains. So i snow checked a new pro. Last year when i was fed up with riding the assault in the trees my buddy rode it...
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    What to buy

    That 600 will go just about anywhere the 800 will. It may take a little longer and be a little slower but will have no problem getting into the areas that your buddies with the 800 go into. If you asking for opinions i would buy the 800, but only because its the biggest they got. If they had a...
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    Sold The XP Time for a Pro..

    lets settle this in the school yard after lunch time!! I personally think maxwell owns this site ( or gets paid to keep people posting ). There is no other explanation for it. Maxwell how can you say you dont care who rides what when you are responsible for half the posts here. You must really...
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    Sold The XP Time for a Pro..

    Oh boys if you spent half as much time riding as you do in these forums then you would all be professionals. Maxwell you can talk all you want but its bull. I ride with xp's everytime i go out and will tell you right now the only time the doo outperforms the pro is on a straight climb. Other...
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    Thinking about buying pro. Want some advice.

    I have a new pro 162 3 inch and the thing is unbelievable. Its light easy to sidehill and manouver. The three inch gives it unbelievable pull out of the hole. It gets up on top of the snow very quickly and outclimbs just about anything. I would not even consider anything else right now. The only...
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    3" or 2.5"

    I got a 163 3 on my pro couldnt be happier with it. The original question was what was the better bang for the buck. The 163 3 is the better set up for sure but costs at least double compared to the 2.5. Depends what you want. Dont worry about handling the pro will take a 163 or 174 and still...
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    Pro vs. Cat

    I will take the Pro any day over that new cat!!
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