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  1. Krazykanuk

    Toronto Raptors win game one of nba finals

    NBA released statement saying Marc Grasol should have gotten 2 free throws for a foul late in the game not a possession. Refereeing may have cost us the game. Even 1 of those free throws would have won it for us.
  2. Krazykanuk

    A raccoon head on the wall.

    What happened there??
  3. Krazykanuk

    top posters

  4. Krazykanuk

    three word story

    Fashion this time
  5. Krazykanuk

    three word story

    It is dead
  6. Krazykanuk

    three word story

    Make it smooth
  7. Krazykanuk

    The Word Association Game

  8. Krazykanuk

    The Word Association Game

    Get down!!
  9. Krazykanuk

    Atv salt spreader using sand salt mix

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, if not please move it. I was thinking of getting a salt spreader or the ATV but I use mainly the sand salt mixture that the municipality provides for my driveway Does anyone have any experience with the salt spreaders using the sand salt mix?
  10. Krazykanuk


    Blaney isn’t spotting for his dad but actually for Austin Cindric.
  11. Krazykanuk

    Outlander "Maintenance required"

    I just followed what the manual says to do and it worked, when on the speedometer display, hold the set button and flip your light switch between high and low beam 3 times, within 2 seconds. This was on a 2017 Outlander 650.
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