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    Old school Wedge; big wheel mods...

    Any photos of these said plates ?
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    AV gas near Red deer

    Skywings at penhold or Lacombe airport also sells
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    Who started in Mountains on a Fancooled Sled

    Dad brought me out for the first time to Allan in 2000, riding a 96 Indy Lite. Riding with Jim was always good memories ^^
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    Bikeman Fuel Filter

    FYI Apparently you need to cut off existing and add in some extra connections. They are not exact replacements. I believe bikeman removed from website also
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    Carrying Fuel - Matryx

    TKI and others make bolt on rails like the axys / pro had. To use whichever accessories you already had or the LINQ system from doo.
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    Good aftermarket replacement track for Polaris 3”

    If anyone has the Lynx parts number for 165x15 share it. I cant find any online fiche for them, and dealers ive called were not able to tell either. Will have a 165 2.75 series 8 track available
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    Crank rebuild shops

    The main cycle works used to do it in house, or at least that’s what I was told Last time I dropped one off
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    Shock work in calgary area or alberta in general

    Call Proaction in airdrie. He's great
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    Shock rebuild

    The front shock in my skid was leaking a bit of oil. Anyone in alberta rebuild these or sell a rebuild kit for them.
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    Truck Break Down In Revy - 2012 dodge diesel-

    we had the similar or the same problem in revy as well, took dodge 6 months to figure it out. The exhaust brake was continually cycling and would not build much boost, high egts. Ended up being a corroded plug, after the deletes (even though it was wrapped in ziplock and dielectric grease) Hope...
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    Thats awesome. Hows the road. Crews going up tomorrow night. Thanks
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    Need help diagnosing problem with 2008 M1000 turbo, has quit, won't start.

    just throwing this out there.. If you know how too, check your stator. sounds like it could possibly be that. Has it quit starting completel now? Anyways ive gone through 3 in last few years
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    Ladies work shop / ride around revy ???

    Hey there ive heard about ladies riding camps/work shops in the past. Is there anything like this in place any where around revy or BC area? thanks
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    condition area 51

    is there parking for trailers?
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    Silent Pass Conditions

    hows the parking situaTION? room for trailers?
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    Newbie near benalto

    Whats ur last name? Im from sylvan as well
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    Official REVY riding condition!!!

    anything going on for new years?
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    "HOT" news at the Boulder cabin

    Everything looked pretty tasty. Specially the cookies :) awesome cabin
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    Official REVY riding condition!!!

    just wondering what the deal is with keystone this year.. thought i read somehere about closures?? Anyone clear this up breifly?
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    Gonna climb some chutes

    Haha true.. Got a whole barrel of fuel i havent even cracked yet. Give us the dates. Well see if it fits the calender
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