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  1. foothills m8

    Cataract/Etherington 2013/14 Thread

    a couple more
  2. foothills m8

    M-Series Ski Shock Set-up

    mine is at 43 threads if i get what u mean
  3. foothills m8

    Elkford Conditions

    That there tree was there 2 years ago when we went on tour????????
  4. foothills m8

    Silent Pass

  5. foothills m8

    Silent Pass

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don`t tell anyone it was good on friday to. whom was the guy that said hello at stageing area had something to do with medler and last year at fernie snow mud?
  6. foothills m8

    Cataract/Etherington 2012/13

    all that fresh meat and u did`nt take some with you ?
  7. foothills m8

    House Furnace/Thermostat

    Its only snow and cold but i like it yes i do
  8. foothills m8

    House Furnace/Thermostat

    Put your gear on u wont get cold lololol
  9. foothills m8

    House Furnace/Thermostat

    Head west young man doors are open
  10. foothills m8

    Riding in Saskatchewan

    Oh u could`nt have the hills in alberta are bigger we been here longer we have rock piles in are names
  11. foothills m8

    Arctic Cat dealer in Calgary!

    Yes but i thought agro got out of sleds and only quads ect i am sure they don`t do sleds there
  12. foothills m8

    House Furnace/Thermostat

    Well if need be just bring whiskey and u can stay at in my garage
  13. foothills m8

    conditions in crowsnest

    STAY HOME STILL TO EARLY FOR U just leave it to us FredW
  14. foothills m8

    Fernie conditions

    Friday and sat was the same
  15. foothills m8

    conditions in crowsnest

    well the visability was controled bye the throttle and there were alot of white outs.
  16. foothills m8

    conditions in crowsnest

    It will all be packed down bye then, its deep today
  17. foothills m8

    Thoughts on the Timbersled Mountain horse ?

    I know a guy that was born to (on) a sled and has got into these bike/converstion timbersled and has told me the most fun he has ever had. Brewsterwest motorsports. And allways helps ya out sled bike atv .Thanks
  18. foothills m8

    AST Level One FERNIE!!!!!

    Get`er done
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