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    23/24 Ride Photos

    The least you could doo is take the AC decal off and get the kid a Doo Turbo wrap. If the kids at school see this he is going to bullied.
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    B.C. risks return to severe pandemic restrictions

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    Whitefish area can offer some good riding. Lots of family areas, but it only takes a night or 2 in any bar with a sled in the box of POS truck and you will be pointed to some decent riding. Go past columbia falls to Hungry Horse dam. Terrain there that is great. Need to time the storms in...
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    My mistake on the rooms. It was $680.00 for the 4 nights. Just checked into it again. last time there, we hit a huge storm. roads were closed for a few days, and it was pretty awesome riding.
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    Cooke City is pretty nice riding. I'm not sure why, but i was looking at rooms there for Jan/feb and the Soda butte hotel (older not so great hotel but has a bar and pizza) was asking $680USD per night. it was usually priced lie other hotels in the area.
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    For Sale - 2020.5 850 Turbo Expert

    That sled rips.
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    Linq Position 2/3 Quick Swap

    Seen this on another thread. I don't think i would trust the Gerry can there on rough trails.
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    Linq mounts

    What is it that your wanting to mount. I have seen a few types of apparatus that use linq.
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    Featured Product: Remer's Renderings - Snowmobile Bumpers Front & Rear- All Brands

    Good luck Getting the bolts off. lol.
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    Featured Product: Remer's Renderings - Snowmobile Bumpers Front & Rear- All Brands

    Ouch, ya that is horrible hardware. That sucks.
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    Featured Product: Remer's Renderings - Snowmobile Bumpers Front & Rear- All Brands

    I bought the Backwoods bumper that's very similar. I will say, it was a breeze to install and all the hardware was perfect. The one that a guy has to do with stainless hardware is use some form of anti-seize and not use an impact when tightening or loosening. Even some of the decent hardware...
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    For Sale - Skidoo 850 G4/G5 parts

    Fox Rear Skid Shocks 165/175 $900. Rear Shock and shock support of 2020 skidoo summit X $175 Turbo tamer clutch kit $150. Sled shed cooker can for G4 non-turbo 850 $250
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    Since its Black Friday soon (avy bag?)

    I prefer the vest style packs as they seem to feel lighter. Been running snow pulse since they first came out with the vest. Never had to use them luckily, and never had any issues.
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    2023-2024 Revelstoke and Area Updates

    Paint lake has some great willow riding on the way in.
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    Gen 5 skid plate options

    I've been running those XC bumpers till last year. They are all kinds of ugly now, but i will say they offer the best protection as far as bumpers go. We have broken a couple over the last couple years, and they take a pretty serious hit, without damaging the hood, pipe etc. 100% on the wear...
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    Gen 5 skid plate options

    Ah, I believe ol 420 wanted to hear from real riders. With real experience. He seems a little concerned about spending $250 on something that will add a layer of protection to his $30,000 sled. Mmmmmkay.
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    Gen 5 skid plate options

    420 isn't my game. If it ain't white, It ain't right. ❄️
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    Gen 5 skid plate options

    They add protection. And a little weight. Basically that’s all that can be said. Can’t see there being any other con.
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