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    The BCSF has a posting of reports of people riding in caribou closures in Blue River and Cameron Ridge areas.. This will make it possibly harder for the clubs to keep riding areas open and conservation officers will be stepping up there game.
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    I know ambassadors ( or sponsored riders) jobs are to push the new technology and be like a salesperson for the manufactures of products. But when you look at the average person it's not like they purchase a new sled every year. So you see, hear and read about issues on sleds for example the doo...
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    shout out to McBride

    How locals of McBride treat sledders so good. My engine failed late afternoon sat, Ron message Barry who immediately contacted Rod, so instantly the locals were ready to head up Sunday for a recovery mission. Ron, Barry, Collin,Barry Rod all headed out and worked hard to get sled down off the...
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    decks/enclosed,open trailers for snowmobiling

    What is everyones thoughts that have tried different combinations with pros and cons for years 3 of us did the deck and open trailer(yes tarped on trailer) then it went to 2 of us so used the deck, then starting using enclosed when 3rd person went. then one guy always wanted to use enclosed for...
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    bca radio customer service

    I have the bca radio 1, for quite a few years now, i figured it was past warranty but didn't look up when i purchased or how long warranty was. I messaged bca and told them issues i was having, i figured it was the mic and inquired if they had issues,and if I can purchase a mic . they messaged...
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    avalanche awareness by frozen pirates and brp

    thought if people take the awareness course, if they give some feed back then the instructors could learn what everybodies take is and then can know where to focus on in the course. yes i know it is nothing like the ast course but everybit of info you have can only help. the interesting aspect i...
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    avalanche gear

    you see posts about beacons, and avi bags, but i had a talk with rep from avalanche canada and he says alot of shovels should never be packed in the backcountry. your shovel should be strong enough to dig thru a grader bank, wide enough to use your foot to drive the shovel into the snow, he...
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    spending night on mountain

    just a thought i know alot of people have different ideas on what to pack in the backcountry. i think it would be nice to hear from sledders who had to spend the night unexpediately what they had that was a must have but also what they wish they had. if extra clothing,different means for fire...
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    on-line ordering, good sites people have used

    a co-worker told me about this site ...the wise he used it for camping supplies,said it was good pricing and very fast at recieving his order,thought id pass this along since sometimes its hard to find sites you can order from that gives service as stated. another bonus is its...
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    have people gotten 2017 gen4 updates done yet

    my dealer told me a month ago there is updates for my sled and would contact when parts are in.havent heard from them yet.was wondering if others have got updates done and if they did what was done,also did your dealer do anything extra for you that brp is not covering but recomending?would...
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    headlight on xp

    what is the easiest way to get the dash apart to change the headlight on a xp. the tabs seem tight and i dont want to break the tabs,any info would be appreciated,thanks in advance
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    valemount snow

    thinking of heading to vale tonight, does anybody know what snow conditions are like,what trail up is like. did they get any fresh snow lately, dosent seem like anybody is posting what conditions are like. any info would be appreciated.
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    ribbons in clemina

    saw ribbons in the trees when in clemina on the weekend,does anybody know what they are for. are they planning on logging in there? if not logging does anybody now forsure why forestry is putting ribbons up
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    since there is no new post s on the topic was wondering what people are running for emergency calling. why did you go with what your using? are you happy with it?would you want a different unit then what you have and why? any info would be appreciated. ride mostly vale if that makes any difference
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    07 duramax lbz engine

    classic body style,lbz engine,engine light came on,code p160,which is 02 sensor circuit no activity bank 2 sensor 2,does anybody know were this sensor is,ive looked around and could not locate. any help would be appreciated,thanks in advance
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    any info on snowmobiler in blue river

    just spent 3 days in vale and one in blue river,rumor we heard was there was a snowmobiler killed coming down the trail at blue river last weekend, has anybody heard is this true or is it a rumor?
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    parts for super clamps

    does anybody know were to get parts for a super clamp in the edmonton area,went to martins and all they would say is they cannot get parts and would sell a new one to me,all i need is one part to repair the one that broke
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    charging system not working

    the truck is a 07 duramax,there is no power at the two small wires at the back of the alternator,battery light and charging gauge is showing no charge,has anybody had problems with no power to the alternator? where does the power come from?are these wires fused?
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    helmet cam videos???

    how does a person send helmet cam videos.all my videos are short but i cannot send them for they are to big,one guy told me to send it as a zipper file but i don't know what he means,any help would be appreciated
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    duromax fuel economy

    what upgrades or mods has anyone done that improves the duromax fuel economy? the sleds and trailer i pull the horse power is fine,would like to improve the fuel economy.any suggestions
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