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    Work alone check in

    We use the Black-line G7 cellular unit and it works quite well. There is also a satellite unit available for remote locations.
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    How is a socialist existence a good thing?!!

    Like this one. Not sure how to enlarge it???
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    Does an XM can fit an XP??

    If it's going on a 800R I believe the out let size is different, I think the E-tec is 2.25" and 800R is 2". May want to call the sled shed and confirm.
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    Is man made climate change real? I found this interesting.
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    Running boards

    There is also this company, they look good and price is decent. LSRmanufacturing - HOME
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    2008 summit xp 800 running on one cylinder

    Had the same thing happen to me, this is what i found when I split the cases.
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    Eagles Pass Access

    Thanks guys, were going with owlshead.
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    Eagles Pass Access

    Thinking of heading up eagles this Saturday and wondering if its still accessible. Has anyone been up lately or heard if its do able. Thanks for any info.
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    Concrete Structure

    If you were all the way over to the back of eagles it's probable the old Copeland mine.
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    800R water/oil pump drive gear on crank off center ?

    I'm hoping they will do the same for this one.
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    800R water/oil pump drive gear on crank off center ?

    Any one seen or had this problem. This is a new brp short block with 400 km on it. Machine over heated and traced it to water pump not circ. coolant. Could turn motor over by hand and impeller would spin erratically. Pulled pump out and plastic gear was fine but the drive gear on the crank is...
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    T Motion Kit

    Has anyone tried the 2013 spindles along with the T-motion and post forward setup ?
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    #1 and #2 stamped on 800R Heads

    Just bought a used head and the part #'s are the same but there is a #1 stamped on the top and my old head has #2 ? the other 3 i checked all have the #2, all of different years 07, 08 & 10. Any one know what this # relates to ? The guy i bought it from said it was off an 08. Like to know...
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    S-36 on 10 summit 163

    How many have installed the S-36 on there 10 summits? Not sure if i'm sold on it, road a 12 and it almost felt to narrow. Is it a lot better once your used to it ?
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    swapping mpem 07 & 10

    I'm running engine tech t-stat housing with 05 summit t-stat, I was thinking of running no T-stat. Not sure if the 07 mpem would run the xp gauge cluster properly. I'm thinking probable not.
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    swapping mpem 07 & 10

    Has anyone used the 07 summit 800R mpem on a 10 summit 800R. Have read that the 07's were the strongest running 800R's due to the programming or is there more to it ?
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    What you think would be the better sled

    My last 2 07 800R motors lasted 6,500 and 7,500 with no problems so i figured with 3,500 i was good for the rest of the season.
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    What you think would be the better sled

    3,650 Km
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    What you think would be the better sled

    Well went with the 10 and 3rd ride out KABOOM ! Looks like ring pin popped out, ring rotated and caught exhaust valve. Short block on order. Not to Happy to say the least.
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    What you think would be the better sled

    Thanks guys, i,m thinking the 10 also. My current ride is a 07 and its been a great sled but the 3rd motor went last weekend and the chassis has 17,000 km so its retired. The price's are 07 $ 5,500 and 10 $ 7,600.
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