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  1. jgonie

    yfz450 failure

    So 5 hours on this motor. Cylinder works bbk. Vertex piston. Hot rods crank. And mmad ported head. Cam mod. And oil mod done .05 cases. Looks like whist pin journal failed. Bent exhaust valves and bent connecting rod and busted sleeve been running great for 5 hours and this happened. Whist pin...
  2. jgonie

    brute having starting probs

    brute is having a hard time starting. sometimes she will fire up with no problems other times there is no life what so ever and cant figure out why. when it is running she runs good and idles good no problems there just the start up she wont go any ideas?? thanks
  3. jgonie

    2012 brute

    well for guys that are waiting for a new brute looks like a 750 with powersteering is coming forsure but no real info yet on a bigger motor. wish there was pics, here link.
  4. jgonie

    lock it up plz

    well my street got hit last night here in cold lake. so far im aware of one quad went missing and few trucks got broken into. My back yard has some foot steps through it up to the shed with a dirtbike and a quad. And over to back door of garage with one dirtbike two quads and two street bikes...
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