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  1. bbtoys

    Renshaw Spring Riding

    just a heads up. as soon as the snow leaves the trail past 2km the gate will be locked due to the slide hazard at 4.5 this is a safety hazard.
  2. bbtoys


    Belle is a FSR road from the highway to 4.5 km parking lot. tire chains are advised if pulling a trailer up. there is a tire chain sign at the bottom
  3. bbtoys


    something to keep in mind, SAR has had to change a couple things so you need to know....if you get injured and need to be flown out we need more time. if you are injured late day you will most likely not get flown before dark as the pilot needs to do 2 flights, also the bird can't fly you out on...
  4. bbtoys

    some stuff for this year

    Parking at renshaw will be a bit different. Logging trucks will be coming down into the lot at the front left corner signs will be in place. We have made the second parking lot much bigger to make up for the loss in the top one. Make sure you follow covid guidelines
  5. bbtoys

    gate locked

    Mckale/Blackwater FSR will be locked immediately for bridge and road repairs
  6. bbtoys

    Summer Trouble

    just got off the renshaw trail. we are in a world of hurt. could not get past 6 where we ran into about a 200 foot long mess of trees and huge slide.
  7. bbtoys

    need someone

    we need to raise 2 of our cabins about 4 feet to get them off the ground. is there anyone on here that has the equipment to do this, probably a bunch of jacks. as a club we will supply the material and help with manpower. you supply knowledge and a bill
  8. bbtoys

    Pack it out please

    first time on a sled with my new knee. Lucille to clean cabin. this is full of garbage
  9. bbtoys

    season is done

    grooming will not be happening past this weekend. if you plan to still come please do not use the emergency shelters. PLEASE PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN.
  10. bbtoys

    did you lose something this weekend

    tell me what it was. might have it.
  11. bbtoys

    Renshaw Monday Dec 23

    if riding renshaw Monday 23 December expect delays up to the 2 km bridge. major trail work will be in progress. thanks
  12. bbtoys

    Places to stay

    At home b&b 250 569 2366 beaver creek cabins 888 641 2214 bell mountain motel 250 569 0312 cougar den cabins 250 569 7308 mansion on main 250 569 7406 mcbride hotel 250 569 2277 nv chalets 250 569 0185...
  13. bbtoys


    I will use this thread to update on this awesome event. hope we have a sell out. funds from this event will help in next years projects.
  14. bbtoys

    my truck is gone

    stolen from Calgary this morning in the sommerset part of Calgary. spotted but lost it Airdrie...dark blue ford f250 diesel crew cab with rust above the rear wheels. 2 baby seats in back seat...BC plate KP1478... sorry no is a long shot that someone might see it. THANKS
  15. bbtoys

    coming this way

    have a small part at sunray(7509-72ast) that could use a ride. even if it went to valemount 778 258 0400 Barry
  16. bbtoys

    Belle road

    If you are planning to ride Belle you have to drive to km 4.5 on a FORESTRY ROAD. up to 8% grade so you better know what you are doing pulling a trailer up this type of terrain. Have good tires and tire chains are suggested. I was out this morning and sanded the road but this is very expensive
  17. bbtoys

    Grooming started

    All three trails have been set and groomed. We will start charging on Lucille and Renshaw Thursday November 30 and Belle December 01. There are 3 spots on Renshaw with cones up for water so slow down. Lets have a safe year out there and give SAR a break. Thanks for riding Mcbride.
  18. bbtoys


    club needs 3 fire extinguishers and 3 good first aid kits for our cabins. any suggestions on a good place to purchase these. thanks
  19. bbtoys

    May conditions

    Was a lot of slides in Lucille wed. butterfly and larva also the billygoat. be careful out there. fun snow but very active.
  20. bbtoys

    Renshaw gate

    We will be locking the gate this Thursday. grooming belle and Lucille this weekend for the final time. thanks
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