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  1. Ol' Skool

    WTB Standard Axys A-Arm

    I am in need of a clutch side lower A-Arm for a non-React front end. Prefer black, but I can get it powder coated. Thanks!
  2. Ol' Skool

    Snow Checked Yamaha Mountainmax

    How are the new Mountain Max sleds working out for those that have one?
  3. Ol' Skool

    Front bumper options?

    I have a black Straightline Sport Series front bumper for a Gen4 if anyone needs one. $150. Excellent shape with hardware.
  4. Ol' Skool

    *Parting out an 18 850 Summit 165/3"*

    Low km at 1558km/71 hrs. In great shape other then the cracked bulkhead. It looks like the previous owner fixed it up with some kind of a brace kit and rode like that for a while. Buyer beware I guess. Everything else is in great shape. Runs great. Prices are roughly half of retail prices, and...
  5. Ol' Skool

    WTB 163x3 Series 7

    Like the title says, Im looking for an excellent condition take off 163x3 Series 7, or similar to fit the stock drivers/rails. Thanks!
  6. Ol' Skool

    Throttle block loose.

    I do the same thing on all my Polaris sleds. I use a heavy metal core zip tie as tight as possibly around the block and havent had the problem again.
  7. Ol' Skool

    Axys 850 Clutching

    Well Ive ridden the 850 SKS 155x2.6 a fair bit with the SLP blue/pink and Magnum weights, and GGB can. The back shift is not great, and I feel like Im not getting as much power down as I should be. Im going to try Ben's kit, and I will report back.
  8. Ol' Skool

    A few Pro Parts

    They are slowly going. Hopefully the snow keeps falling.
  9. Ol' Skool

    Axys 800 stock pipe/can

    I have a stock Axys 800 pipe and can. Off a 2016 with 300 miles. $100 for the pipe. $40 for the can. Also have two Pro 800 cans for $20/each.
  10. Ol' Skool

    Edson Snow Conditions

    I will be taking a few newbies for their first ride in the next few days. Where is the staging area at Edson? Thanks!
  11. Ol' Skool

    Axys 850 Clutching

    I'm curious what guys with the 850 found with the clutching? What works well for these sleds? To start I was thinking SLP blue/pink primary with Magnum weights.
  12. Ol' Skool

    2019/2020 SLP Twin Pipes for polaris 850 17hp@8600 in stock. Parkland Mototsports.

    Very interested in the exhaust and likely the head too. Will these run properly at all elevations? What is the cost?
  13. Ol' Skool

    Axys 800 Reliability

    I was lucky enough to own 2 Axys 800's(SKS 155 and a Assault 155). Coming from a dialed in SWB 144 800, I was very impressed with the new chassis and the awesome new 800. Both 800's were trouble free. I agree clutching and exhaust are great improvements. This year Im on a SKS 850 155. Hopefully...
  14. Ol' Skool

    add me to the oil hose list

    Any word if this is going to be a recall?
  15. Ol' Skool

    A few Pro Parts

    I have a bunch of Polaris Pro Parts for sale. Please don't ask me if I have something that isn't listed. If its on the list, I still have it. Can ship. -Pro gas tank with pump, cap, and wrap- $100 -Pro gas tank with cap- $50 -2 PTO side fenders -$50/each -2 exhaust side fenders- $50/each...
  16. Ol' Skool

    Check engine light and battery icon

    It sounds to me like the voltage regulator is on its way out.
  17. Ol' Skool

    Silver Mines 2018

    Does anyone know where the staging is happening for the mines? We are heading up tomorrow. Thanks!
  18. Ol' Skool

    Edmonton Area Riding Dec 27 or 28

    We rode from Smoky yesterday. Enough snow to ride now. Great day
  19. Ol' Skool

    Edmonton Area Riding Dec 27 or 28

    Thanks. We will give the Iron Horse a go from Smokey a go on Saturday!
  20. Ol' Skool

    Whitecourt conditions

    How is the snow out Whitecourt way? Ready to ride?
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