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  1. everest8

    Barn Find!

    Yup. Bad az in its day for sure. Another note was the Yamaha ss440d sled I had and people thought I was nuts to have a over powered sled....times have changed eh.
  2. everest8

    Ckx titan helmet

    Love Titan. Not sure of other lids but the Titan is ECE rated. Correct me if I am wrong. DOT minimum standards, then Snell, and ECE is a higher protection. Hey, its only your head so go ahead and cheap out. Just something to think about.
  3. everest8

    Wanted - XP Side panels

    try JT"s snowmobile in New lowell, Ont. sled wrecker. 1 800 465 5668. Ships world wide, Don sent ya !
  4. everest8

    Happy birthday.......

    HotShotharry today.......
  5. everest8

    Strength of snow

    Kool. As the snow piles up it squishes the air out and gets compacted to make a hard base. Then it rolls. Think avalanche. warn/cold makes layers. I operate a groomer and the concept is to roll the snow over to remove air than pack down to make a hard base. So 8-10 hrs latter is solid. Heck you...
  6. everest8

    Cheap Sled Options

    81 and rock on ! My father before he passed away was 82 on a 800 Summit in BC ! Yeah. I would try to find an old 300 tundra which is a twin. they came with a 136 track. stretch to a 144 2'' lugs. Drop down to smaller drivers to fit and the gearing would be lower. put wider skis on for more...
  7. everest8

    Dealer cost to rebuild 2013 summit 800 engine

    I put a 800r into my Summit from the factory. 1year unlimited mile warranty. 1 yr and 1 month at 1100-eleven hunderd miles on flatland Ontario and %$#@ crank broke. I would personally not trust doo replacement engine.
  8. everest8

    Brute Force 750 or Grizzly 700

    Yamaha. its like selling something used and you say its a Honda engine. SOLD. Both make great engines. I love my Can Am
  9. everest8

    2022 Sled Rumors??

    So if kitty kat makes a 900 2 stroke maybe Doo will E-Tec the 1000 ? They already have the tooling. Dunno
  10. everest8

    Happy New Year to All

    Best wishes to you and your Family. Just rode 30 miles here in Northern Ont. My wife will wake me up for New Yrs. LOL
  11. everest8

    Buying a Car for my Son...Advise Needed

    Get a Consumer Guide book. It will have info on all cars and trucks. Shows predicted relailabilty etc. The Ford Edge chassis is very good and the Fusion, Lincoln MKX is on it. I avoid all Dodge/Chrysler products. Chev/GMC suvs and cars built on the light chassis are decent. Avoid all ford...
  12. everest8

    Stolen sled - please keep your eyes out

    Let the beatings begin before they go to jail and meet Bubba to be his sweetie! But what ever you do dont steal from them as they think its wrong but ok to steal from you, wtf
  13. everest8

    Merry Christmas to all

    Although this are trying times... Lets have time to reflect on the good things and assist our neighbours. Wake up alive and enjoy the day. It's all good. Peace be with you and your family, Don.:rolleyes:
  14. everest8

    2022 Ski Doos available in January 2021

    Dealer in sault Ste Marie Ont had 150 Summits and sold them all as of last week and yet very little snow. Perhaps Doo is making more to fill demand and calling them 22's ? Hard to find any toys in Ont as they sell like crazy.
  15. everest8

    Sled market predictions

    Me thinks and sometimes it happens. I just bought a house. prices up 20%. Appts and condos empty. No vacation means toys/home etc. Just wait until everything settles and mommy wants a trip. sell sell sell ! Then I buy. enjoy the day day and be safe so you can get the deals that will be out.
  16. everest8

    Stolen last night

    Ok. if peeps that you encounter red handed. invite them in and put yourself in a corner. being cornered is key here. Have weapons prior. Now you have no place to go but defend yourself. Use all possible means for yourself to save your ass. Try not using excessive force. " But during the...
  17. everest8

    Where to buy Tracks?

    call JT"s snowmobile in new Lowell Ont. Will ship direct from factory/warehouse and send you the bill. ! 800 465 5668. Tell jaremy Don sent ya pls.
  18. everest8

    Basement Development

    Sweet job. Suspended ceiling you say. What I did was the cracked per say glass panels with a bathroom vanity light fixture that can hold 4 or 5 led bulbs. Bright and hidden away. just a thought. Think its called a California ceiling. Plus is only 1 wire to power all bulbs. Way cheaper than pot...
  19. everest8

    Daddy Day Care thread

    Yrs ago I picked up a fridge cardboard box etc. cut some windows/doors and let the kids paint. How about show you child how to maintain a sled/quad/car etc. heck do an oil change. hide something and give clues aka treasure hunt. Show them how to cook. play a piano/guitar etc. and teach. get...
  20. everest8

    Yamaha Grizzly 700 or Suzuki King Quad 750

    I have a Can-am but 2nd choice would Yamie. Really good in water and I think would be a better bike than Suzie. Why is it called King when there are larger ones out there ? dunno
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