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    What area are you in?
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    One week from ordering to arrival, super simple install, speeds never less than 80 now that it’s found it’s favourite satellites
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    Had mine almost a week. Most tests are between 80 and 130 download, 25-35 upload.
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    i was really surprised it was so quick, must be the area I’m in, Sturgeon County, just north of Gibbons
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    Ordered this past Monday, here today.
  6. summit889

    Checking used sleds for liens

    What’s the easiest way to check if a used sled has a lien on it? Thanks
  7. summit889

    Redline turbo reviews/thoughts

    Curious to hear from people who have owned a Redline turbo kits particularly on a G4. Reliability and service from Dave. Seem to be a popular kit. Thanks
  8. summit889

    Covid 19 and Snowmobiling

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Sweden. They’ve isolated the compromised, but other than that life as normal. Schools open, all business’s running. To this point their numbers aren’t worse than countries that have totally shut down.
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    Energy bills getting out of hand.

    $43 per tonne. Plus carbon tax of $37 per tonne.
  10. summit889

    Energy bills getting out of hand.

    4 million btu coal boiler, slowing down on coal use now as the carbon tax is almost 100% on coal
  11. summit889

    Energy bills getting out of hand.

    poultry farm
  12. summit889

    Energy bills getting out of hand.

    I’ll trade any of you. Gas on the left, power on the right. January bills. Also used $2500 in coal
  13. summit889

    Any Hawaiian property owners?

    Thinking about doing Hawaii for the first time this winter. Any advice from people that have been. Priorities would be, the best beaches and the less people and shops the better.
  14. summit889

    High Boost drivetrain modifications

    Seen a few C3 gear drives on big hp 4 strokes years back. Seemed to work well.
  15. summit889

    countdown till ucp has majority government in alberta

    i was posting what an NDP candidate put on their twitter. It’s since been deleted.
  16. summit889

    countdown till ucp has majority government in alberta

    I’m white, I voted. And if my son “thought” he was trans I’d get him the mental health help he needed. This was posted by an NDP candidate.
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    Fender Bender $@%!

    Two weeks ago my son hit a moose with a half ton. Repair estimate was $6200. They wrote it off (body shop was shocked as normally it’s 70% plus)and asked me what I thought was fair. I said 11.5-12k.They wrote me a cheque for 12k. I paid $9500 for the truck in February at dealer auction and had...
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    Do not purchase from allen dale or mission

    Yes it did. Was a number of years ago
  19. summit889

    Floating Docks

    I have shoremaster polydock. Love it.
  20. summit889

    Owning a Vacation Rental Property.

    I have a few properties. In Canada and Mexico. Honestly, I think you have to look at it from an investment perspective and view rental income as a bonus. If you’re relying on rental income to make it work, don’t do it.
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