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  1. Heimie

    fish cops

    Curtis, we don't have it as good. Here in AB we cannot get registration without proof of valid insurance.
  2. Heimie

    Renshaw Spring Riding

    Was just in McBride this past weekend. There were at least half a dozen trailers and deck parked at the Holmes river on Saturday, and one trailer and deck on Sunday.
  3. Heimie

    Shovel Mount for Tunnel Pelican

    This is also what I used. I have the small Mountain Addiction jerry can and storage bin. I modified the rails to split them a little and my extra shovel is parallel to the tunnel, in between the Mountain Addiction cans.
  4. Heimie

    Sled Deck Pros and Cons

    I use 1/2" round aluminum stock from Princess Auto. One end has a 90 degree 4" hook and the other a 90 degree 8" hook. Great for hooking jerry cans, rubbermaid handles, milk crates, etc. For storage it slides on top of the ramp, between the ramp and deck when the ramp is put away. I do like...
  5. Heimie

    Polaris 2022 Release

    Pricing seems to be very close to Ski Doo. I did find 4 year warranty on the site, but could not determine if that was across all models. Cool if it is, though. Also for everyone claiming it's a flop because it was a quick release to respond to Doo, Burandt claims he's been testing for 2...
  6. Heimie

    Fernie season 2020/2021

    Hey everyone! Is there any ethanol free gas stations in town? The cardlock is supposed to be supporting the FSA, so do they sell ethanol free? Also, is where do I pick up the trail passes and some maps? Or is it just easiest to purchase the passes online? Also does Coal Creek and Morrissey...
  7. Heimie

    TCSC-MINISTIK-OPENS-Saturday January 30, 2021

    That's great! Thank you. I don't think we are going to make it now, because of the cold weather. Little kids and wives might not have too much fun at -24 (feels like -32). I doubt I would have much fun at that temp either! We will get out there hopefully, before it closes for the season.
  8. Heimie

    TCSC-MINISTIK-OPENS-Saturday January 30, 2021

    Great news. We will be planning on heading out there with my family and a couple other families for my son's birthday, in a week. Is there anywhere to have a wiener roast? If not, are we allowed to pull off trail and start a fire for a wiener roast? If we cannot, we will bring a portable BBQ...
  9. Heimie

    2018 Axys running rich?

    My '13 started doing this as well, after I turned the oil pump up.
  10. Heimie

    Hey Maxwell!

    Here is the most honest post in this thread. Thanks Snochuk. Everyone that is scoffing at the video and saying how stupid and crappy it is, rides a doo. Oh, I forgot, can't say anything bad about doo, here on Doo and Mud.
  11. Heimie

    2013 Assault RMK Suspension Set Up - Looking for advice

    This is an expensive endeavor. I have to replace shocks too. They are not the same as a regular Pro, they are longer. So, no one makes a narrow A arm Assault kit. Have to buy narrow Pro A arms, and shorter shocks and steering tie rods. I am not going to spend $3000 on a new front end kit...
  12. Heimie

    2013 Assault RMK Suspension Set Up - Looking for advice

    The Assault comes with it in the bottom hole, I believe. I will double check tomorrow. Thanks.
  13. Heimie

    2013 Assault RMK Suspension Set Up - Looking for advice

    Hello everyone. I own a 2013 Pro RMK Assault. I am looking for any tips or advice anyone has for the suspension set up. Currently: Least amount of pre-load as possible on front ski shocks Clickers 2 up from the softest setting on the ski shocks Rear sag set up for my weight with gear and 5L...
  14. Heimie

    Axys 800 Reliability

    My buddy had to do the same on his 800 Dragon, 2 years ago. He bought it 6 years ago. The original owner did a top end, SLP pipe and can, VForce reeds. We put a fix kit in it, and was a good thing, piston skirts both had hairline cracks. Years later, he had to blip the throttle when starting...
  15. Heimie

    2022 Sled Rumors??

    Does anyone know the release dates for all of the manufacturers? Thanks.
  16. Heimie

    2022 Sled Rumors??

    Anyone hear what's coming down the pipe from the manufacturers yet? Is it safe to assume Polaris might be bringing the Matryx platform to a lot more sleds? Any truth to Ski Doo with a new chassis? What about Arctic Cat and a new engine? Yamaha.... please tell me they are releasing their own...
  17. Heimie

    Way back in the day...

    I would have to agree. An out of the box mountain sled is probably going to be better than a modded stubble jumper short track. Back in the day it was done out of necessity, but now with the mountain market from all the manufacturers I would have to say the sleds are built to dominate the...
  18. Heimie

    PIEPS Beacon Failures

    My Ortovox Zoom+ was 40m. I think that was the standard back then. Pieps are 60m which is impressive. Mammut's website for the Barryvox says 70m. That's very good.
  19. Heimie

    Buying new sled, seller won't give out VIN to check

    Agreed. Most ads in the paper, or online, or dealers on Kijiji or auctions all have the VINs on there, exactly for this purpose - to look for liens or stolen property!
  20. Heimie

    buddy cant handle the pro

    I've been riding for many many years. I have been mountain riding for the last 6. There wasn't anything I couldn't do on my Vmax 700, 121x1.5" machine! Well, in the flat lands and fields and river runs, etc. Then I went to Revy on my brand new '13 RMK Assault. I had no idea what I was...
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