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  1. NeilV

    2020 Ski Doo Summit SP 175 Review

    Interesting about the fuel consumption. The only polaris guy I ride with uses consistently 20% more fuel than I would in his new 850 pro. Both the same track length and riding all the same lines. The couple of factory turbos we demoed are a very different story though. Those things are thirsty.
  2. NeilV

    2022 Skidoo reveal

    Nothing yet. Got it last year though, looked back at my email and it didn’t come until March 23rd.
  3. NeilV

    I wonder if Maxwell is squealing like a stuck pig?

    On his Instagram, Turcotte said he didn’t get to try the turbo yet because he couldn’t travel to the states, so I would guess there are not any in BC if that is the case.
  4. NeilV

    G4 popped the headlight/cluster fuse

    Had almost the same thing happen to a buddy’s sled in December. Didn’t blow the fuse though. sled would start, no headlights and the gauge was dead. Wouldn’t rev up. Ended up being a shorted out tail light. The power for the dess key is on the same circuit and it was acting like a bad key...
  5. NeilV

    Is the Turbo worth it so far?

    My short answer to your question is no. It is not worth the the extra 3300. The gains are very marginal at most of the elevations we ride(5500ft ish). However I am still 50/50 if I will snow check one this spring or get another n/a. I am riding a 2020 165 expert now. Here is my long...
  6. NeilV

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2019 2020
  7. NeilV

    2020 Summit X Expert Photo

    Too bad they couldn't have left the hand guards and limiter strap adjuster in the accessory catalogue. Paying extra for worthless stuff. Looks like bars will need to be swapped out too. Usually move all the controls further in on the bars and put on longer grips but that doesn't look...
  8. NeilV

    Smoking sled deals?

    If they didn't give a demo sled to ride while cat is giving the run around you can't say they have been good. That sounds like piss poor service to me.
  9. NeilV

    Silbers 850 turbo kit could be the answer..

    I think your missing the point. The $700 is for the silber programming. Not for plugging it in. You could buy the cord and reflash for $40 but you would still be on the hook for the 500usd for each one. Why should Silber give away their tuning for free just because you have the cord? It's...
  10. NeilV

    Silbers 850 turbo kit could be the answer..

    If you bought a new kit from silber that should all be included. If it's a second hand kit they charge 500usd for the programming. You could buy the reflash cable for another 300 but you would still have to pay the 500 for the flash. You could just do it at home then.
  11. NeilV

    Silbers 850 turbo kit could be the answer..

    Yes everyone I know with this kit has had the same problem. Just swapped out the stock pin bolt for a longer one. Bolt weights more and can fit more spacers.
  12. NeilV

    Silber Turbo 850 Install

    Couldn't tell you to be honest. Haven't made a point to check this year. I know I was seeing mid 80s at 5psi and it goes up hill substantially faster now. I will take a peek next time out and report back.
  13. NeilV

    Silber Turbo 850 Install

    I would say about the same. After running both I would say it's not worth running 5. 5 to 7 feels like a bigger jump than stock to 5. Noticeably more lag at 7 though. Sooo good once it spools up though.
  14. NeilV

    Silber Turbo 850 Install

    7 this year. Ran 5 all last year. Way more fun at 7.
  15. NeilV

    Silber Turbo 850 Install

    i wrapped mine and installed mountain fit vent kit. it helped a little but still gets real hot. plastic by side panel clip is still dripping. installed the powder freaks reinforcement bracket so it doesnt fall off. these turbos need a lot more rest than a stocker. so much fun to ride but i...
  16. NeilV

    Silbers 850 turbo kit could be the answer..

    7lbs is the way to go. Big step in the right direction vs the 5lbs spring.
  17. NeilV

    Aviation fuel near Edmonton??

    Westlock has a self serve credit card pump.
  18. NeilV

    Muff pot with turbo

  19. NeilV

    Silbers 850 turbo kit could be the answer..

    Are you going to put a p-85 on your silber 850?
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