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  1. everest8

    Happy New Year to All

    Best wishes to you and your Family. Just rode 30 miles here in Northern Ont. My wife will wake me up for New Yrs. LOL
  2. everest8

    Merry Christmas to all

    Although this are trying times... Lets have time to reflect on the good things and assist our neighbours. Wake up alive and enjoy the day. It's all good. Peace be with you and your family, Don.:rolleyes:
  3. everest8

    Economy/Ression thread

    There has been a zillion responses here. Lets move forward here in 2017. As a Locomotive Engineer for CN Rail in Northern Ontario, Class 1 Railroad we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic ! Autos/grain/oil/potash/Lumber/Containers Etc. So if the the economy is going down why have we called...
  4. everest8

    Happy New Year !

    Happy new Year to all and Best Wishes to you and your Family. Enjoy the Day, Don. ;)
  5. everest8

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and best wishes to you and your family, Don.:)
  6. everest8


    Ok, so heres the deal. I am a locomotive engineier for CN Rail in Ontario. All though freight coast to coast. We ship though World wide. So we have seen and have employees off. Economy tip...When you have many trains...good, when you see few, bad...Just look at the container trains, bulk trains...
  7. everest8

    Going West-What to pack?

    First post Thanks. I've been to Valemont 4 yrs ago. I have a 08 Summit 800-154. I have a dual elevation kit. Have HMK backpack w/probe shovel/hydration and use of a beacon,first aid kit. Just ordered a Scott suit/Shell with liner's and snowcross helmet/goggles + gloves. Have Doo gas can. What...
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