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    2022 Skidoo Expert Turbo 850 165

    Due to an injury I may not be able to ride until later in the year. Considering selling my 22 165 turbo snow check, and putting the feelers out there to see who's interested. I may be interested in a low km 165 expert on trade + cash. Sled is black, and will come with 3yrs warrantee. Value...
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    Coyote Jet Boat stolen

    Buddie just got his truck and boat stolen yesterday from outside of Penhold. Truck has been recovered.
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    Spot X for sale

    I have a new Spot X 2 way messenger / SOS device. never used, and comes with box. Non Blue tooth model $349.00 in store Asking $225.00
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    2018 850 Rev Limit flash

    Has anyone had a rev limit flash on the gauge then go into limp mode? it happened a number times no matter what RPM i ran at as we were on the trail. The night before the sled shut down. I restarted it, and it had no gauge power, or headlights. We played with the wires on the drivers right hand...
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    2004 - 2007 Skidoo REV headlight

    Brand new in box $125.00
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    Garmin 530 HCx

    Anyone looking for a Garmin 530 HCx GPS/2 Way Radio with Lapel Mic. $300.00
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    Driving Lights

    ***SOLD***Anyone looking for some driving lights this winter. I have a KC light bar that bolts onto a 2012-2016 F250/F350 with (4) Light-force Striker 170 Halogen lights. C/W wiring and relays. $275.00
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    Hummingbird Area

    Has anyone been into Hummingbird recently.
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    Arctic Cat Pulling US Dealers

    Has anyone else heard about a substantial amount of AC dealers closing shop in the US?
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    2018/2019 Sled Deck vs 4 place rant

    Well its just about that time again. Figured we can have our battle here, instead of on the Snow Conditions thread. #4placeallyearlong!
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    Sled Deck vs 4 place Early season rant

    Figured it would be best to start a thread on this so everyone could whine, bi%&*h and complain here instead, of on the SNOW CONDITIONS thread. Fire Away!
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    Lost Ski-doo Tunnel Bag

    Has any found a Skidoo Tunnel bag. It was lost on March 4, on boulder.
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    Lost garmen 530 gps on Frisby

    did anyone find a garmen 530 GPS/Radio on the weekend?
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