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  1. summit889

    Checking used sleds for liens

    What’s the easiest way to check if a used sled has a lien on it? Thanks
  2. summit889

    Redline turbo reviews/thoughts

    Curious to hear from people who have owned a Redline turbo kits particularly on a G4. Reliability and service from Dave. Seem to be a popular kit. Thanks
  3. summit889

    TSS etec water to air intercooled turbo kit

    Etec kit, low miles, selling because it's now my kids sled. $5000
  4. summit889

    Tulum, Mexico condo for sale

    Don't know if anyone is interested, but I"m wanting to sell this property. thanks for looking Tulum, Mexico condo for sale. | condos for sale | Edmonton | Kijiji
  5. summit889

    Looking for new boat, opinions?

    Looking at buying a new wakeboard/surf boat. 20-22ft v drive. What do you guys run? Pros and cons? Thanks
  6. summit889

    Docks- question for people who own lake property

    We recently bought a place on a lake and are in need of a dock setup. What brand of dock did you buy? Pros and cons? Best dock for the money. Thank you
  7. summit889

    2012 xp TSS setup

    Ill call them monday, bought thought i'd post up here. Getting my TSS kit setup. Yesterday sled was running well 8-9 lbs boost, 79-8000, 11.5 afr. Problem is sled runs great on hard pack, but track speed falls off in deep snow. Has to be clutching, correct? Sled is running a Baker skid, 21 top gear.
  8. summit889

    Where to buy lakefront in alberta or sask

    Looking to buy a lakefront piece of property within 4 hrs of edmonton, preferably closer. Want a boating lake that ideally doesn't run into too many algae issues. Any input appreciated. Also looking for a decent value for the dollar. ie, not sylvan or wabamun. Thanks
  9. summit889

    Blowing fuses after turbo install.

    Installed a tss kit on my 12 etec. Everything works well except its blowing the 10 amp fuse. When I first started it I had power to the air/fuel gauge and boost it box. Rode it around the yard and noticed no power. Now, as soon as I start it, it blows fuse immediately. Thinking a short, but I...
  10. summit889

    Small fitting avalanche pack

    My son who is 11 is riding with us more and more. He's 5' 100 lbs. what is a small fitting air bag? Are there youth models?
  11. summit889

    Skeleton Lake property for sale

    I have 4, 2.47 acre parcels for sale. thanks -Property Details E3335334
  12. summit889

    Sicamous property for sale

    Selling our place just outside sicamous -Property Details 10062752
  13. summit889

    Etec turbo feedback

    Have an etec that sits in my trailer because I prefer my t-nytro. Thinking of throwing a turbo kit on it. Looking for feedback from guys who ran them this last season. What works, what doesn't, reliability, etc. leaning toward a TSS setup mainly because of the fuel controller they use as well as...
  14. summit889

    Military tribute video

    A good friend of mine serves in the military. Every year his wife puts a tribute video together honoring those who gave their lives. Makes it a bit more personal. Afghanistan Tribute 1111 - YouTube
  15. summit889

    Recreational property for sale-Skeleton Lake

    I have four 2.5 acre parcels for sale on the north side of skeketon lake by the narrows. They are approximately 400 metres from the lake. lots of trees. pricing is $55,000-$65,000 depending on which piece
  16. summit889

    Sled's done. before and after pics

    First one is the way it was last year. Added tunnel some powder coating and a bigger turbo and new mapping this year. only thing left is to change the skis
  17. summit889

    A few 10 second videos of the farm truck

    From this past sunday.
  18. summit889

    What's the easiest way to prime turbo with oil

    Took my turbo out to have it upgraded. What is the easiest way to make sure it is filled properly with oil before starting? thanks
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