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    Let go of a family member last night

    Is it normal to feel sad. We spent 7 yrs together and been through alot of deep spots. Got into some tight stuff sometimes had disagreements once in a while but she always came through. But she's moved on to the gbca now peeps so if anyone sees her on the trails stop and say hi and make sure...
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    Wondering what it's worth

    As the title says contemplating dropping the pack. Didn't get much riding in this year and hate to see them sit would rather have a toy I would get to use more. They are listed in my sig I think but quick run down. 05 summit 1000 2500 ish km on chassis maybe 800 on complete new engine twin...
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    2004 dodge 2500 fcm

    Just putting this out there got an 04 dodge with a pooched fcm/Pdc if you wiggle the fcm headlights etc goes all wonky. Will work for s bit then go out totally, what a brain fart this idea was dodge. What I am wondering is if anyone knows if one out of an 08 is the same have an 08 with low km...
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    Anyone recognize these guys

    They were in a group of six trespassing on private land near stanger riding area. Horses In the field they crossed to get there nearly in their front yard. Acted real ignorant and thought they had a right to be there. Lucky for them his wife was there or someone surely would have needed medical...
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    Faulty voltage regulator?

    If I have a faulty regulator could it cook my cdi? Just wondering as I am going to purchase 1 more cdi and try it but want to be sure I won't cook it again as they are fairly pricey for an old sled. Is there any way to test them easily? Thanks
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    Another reason to go android

    So for Christmas we bought our kids 32g iPod touches. Cool awesome gift kids love them. So day 2 and our sons won't accept a charge tried changing cords still no go. Unit was bought at the source call them and explain. They say they can't replace it as per apple contract any warranty has to go...
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    670 spark issues

    So the old 670 crapped out a stator at the beginning of last season and then a cdi at the end of the season maybe 5 or 6 rides later. So picked up a used stator and hooked it up sled ran for a bit and I shut off reinstalled pipe mounted cdi etc. try to restart no spark wtf. Mess with it check...
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    heres on for the smart guys

    99 sumx 670. all stock engine, got spark, got fuel, got 150 comp on both sides, 90 psi on the first pull tops out after three pulls. rotary appears to be in the correct location. just died on the trail and no start anymore. any ideas?
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    blown fuse on my rt

    so last night i turned the idle up a bit to get it to just under 2g. let it warm up and took it for a rip ran good then just quit, towed it back to house and looked around, fuse to fuel pump/coil was blown. installed new fuse and started right away ran about 3 min and blew fuse again. replaced...
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    the real cost of reprogramming your 1000

    so while hauling my rt 1000 to work to get reprogrammed loose a wheel bearing and ground axle to a point trying to get off the road, out 300.00 end up late for work 1.5 hrs out another 60 haul sled to dealer at lunch break as it missed its free ride because of said wheel bearings vacation get...
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    why cant this happen here

    Record snow fall sweeps northern Japan - The Weather Network
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    riddle me this...................

    heres one for all you guys that know their chit.......... im conflustercated on it now, on my 05 1000 i put in a set of plugs runs great until i shut it off, try to restart bno go flooded like crazy pull out plugs no spark, replace plugs runs great and good spark till once again i shut it off...
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    looking for muffler shop

    looking fo4r any leads to a muffler shop that can bend min. 4" pipe. located in edmonton/stony plain area. any leads would be great thanks.
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    Why is it too short

    i knew that would get everyones attention lol just wondering if anyone else has had the strap for their doo jerry can be too short. i got the can and strap off a guy used in exc conditon supposedly came off an RT as well but when i put it on mine it is about 3" too short. wtf. any suggestions...
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    need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking for something for the wifes B-day. was going o doo the Jubilations thing but all they have left is chitty seats. need 4 seats for whatever anybodies got. she already said no to the hockey game :( i tried. lol so looking for suggestions for 4 Adults for friday the second of december...
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    looking for concrete and roofing contractors.

    like the title says i need a flooring guy and a roofer to do some mods on our shop in Stony plain asap. need our floor resurfaced approx 50x80x3-4"thick. need roof leaks repaired as well. any leads would be great thanks.
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    summit sport

    What is everyones opinion on the Summit sport? want honest opinions no bashing and no magazine opinion. lol thats how i started looking into it. thinking 5g+ or so to get the wife what she wants or just spend the extra couple g and get her brand new with warrenty. lets hear what you all think...
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    09 f150 eating front shafts

    just wondering if anybody else is having the same issue or not? 09 f150 4x4 less than 100k and my second front drive shaft is toast again. i realize that it would probably last alot longer if the pos was greasable but its like everyhing else now adays its not. i dont use 4x4 often but shaft...
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    everybody have a good weekend

    Like it says to all snow and mud members have a great weekend filled with whatever you enjoy doing and lots of it. for us we get to test out the new to us RV :eek::eek::eek: will update monday. going to get a standard and a diesel for...
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    ab trails on the north side of lake isle

    all i can say is wow. end of march and they were awesome, was out there this weekend test running the 1000 and took out a couple newbs, think i made another addict or 2 as when i left their place i got the hey i am off next weekend too. lol. but anyways we rode from their place north of the...
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