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  1. FernieHawk

    Tru-d does it again

    Afternoon drinking.....
  2. FernieHawk

    Any electricians in the house?

    But how can that be? David Suzuki highly endorsed CFL's...they gotta be good.
  3. FernieHawk

    Hot your pics

    Good grab…had a lot of fun in my friends new Z28 back in the late 70’s. Met a lot of nice police officers…😎
  4. FernieHawk

    Going to drop the writ of election on Sunday

    True patriots...
  5. FernieHawk

    9-11: Where were you, what were you doing?

    Some people just dont get it...keep that $hit out of this thread.
  6. FernieHawk

    Upper Flathead Area Closures

    Not quite sure when it was implemented...but this is the written regulation from this web page Upper Flathead 72 Effective year round in those portions of M.U. 4-1 outlined in red on the attached Map No...
  7. FernieHawk

    Fred? Whats up with Biden?

  8. FernieHawk

    9-11: Where were you, what were you doing?

    I was working for MCI Wordlcom in Albany NY on 9/11. I walked into the hotel restaurant shortly after the first plane hit...everyone in the restaurant was watching it unfold on TV and no one was sure what had happened. When the second plane hit, everyone instantly knew what was happening. The...
  9. FernieHawk

    Today In The News.

    The Police Activity Youtube channel should be mandatory viewing for all High-school and University students. Straight up, no bull$hit information. I always watch the videos and then read the play by play description…they always match exactly…always. Then for $hits and giggles I google the perps...
  10. FernieHawk

    Conspiracy theory forum

    Yes I think he claimed he had some kind of psychotic break or something. Wasn’t responsible for what he said.
  11. FernieHawk

    Random Pictures Thread

    Im guessing Clearwater is the one on the left…lol
  12. FernieHawk

    Afghanistan Taliban Takeover

    I was working in Albany NY that morning and watched the second plane hit...broadcast on live TV. Was nothing fake about that.
  13. FernieHawk

    Saved money. Harley 131 no longer a dream

    Torque curve looks like an electric motor. Sweet.
  14. FernieHawk

    Going to drop the writ of election on Sunday

    Never thought I’d agree with you on anything…but here we are. Apparently hell has frozen over.
  15. FernieHawk

    Is Trudeau's goose cooked?

    If he loses....I'm gonna get so drunk celebrating...Unless Singh gets in...
  16. FernieHawk

    2021 Boating pics and vids!

    That will be a nice little ski boat…140 is perfect.
  17. FernieHawk

    Eskimos got Covid!

    Can a Mod please change the thread title...I'm offended. LOL
  18. FernieHawk

    2021 Boating pics and vids!

    Had a similar problem with our two was a small tear in the diaphragm of the fuel pump.
  19. FernieHawk

    Conspiracy theory forum

    I know a guy who married his step sister...they had two kids together. She was around 14 and he was in his early 20's when their parents were married, they hooked up approx 3 years later...he was her High School grad date.
  20. FernieHawk

    Conspiracy theory forum

    That sucks the big one
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