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    Can I tow a trailer with a ski doo short tunnel?

    Been looking at getting a new sled for next season but a must for me is ability to tow a trailer. Question- can I tow a trailer with a short tunnel? Does ski doo have a HD Tow bumper for the Short tunnel? Is there a trailer that works with a short tunnel. Can you get a freeride or Summit x with...
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    Is it true that red plates are getting shamed in Revy/sicamous due to Covid

    Hearing rumours red plates are being confronted, shamed, filmed and threatened for sledding in Revy and Sicamous right now due to covid? Rumour has it it’s went as far as people threatening to post u online with ur responses Can anyone comment? Any truth? If so Post a link please!
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    Covid 19 and Snowmobiling

    Avalanche Canada trying to get the message across "Stay Home" A lot changes in a week these days. Be part of the solution, not the problem!
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    Good info for those thinking of travelling to go sledding
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    Norona question- ski doo expert-trailer tow?

    Dave-does ski doo have a configuration to tow a toboggan with the expert or do I just stick to the regular 850? Has CFR come out with a tunnel stiffener for the 850 yet? Thx
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    FS- Globalstar GSP 1700 Satellite Phone/ Rhino 530 HCX/ Motorolla hand held radios

    FS- 1) Used Globalstar GSP 1700 Satellite Phone. In excellent condition. Just need to hook up with service provider. Selling as I no longer need. $300firm. PM me. have box and all cables manuals etc. 2) USed Garmin Rhino 530 HCX 2 radio and GPS. In good condition. Selling as no longer need...
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    FS- Globalstar GSP 1700 Satellite phone

    FS- Used Globalstar GSP 1700 Satellite Phone. In excellent condition. Just need to hook up with service provider. Selling as I no longer need. $300firm. PM me.
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    FS: Ski Doo REV front end tune up! Bearings and Ball joints, high fax runners 151

    FS: Ski Doo REV front end tune up! ski Bearings and upper and lower Ball joints, high fax runners 151. all brand new. PM- me
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    FS: Hexo+ Autonomous GO Pro Drone

    Wanted to post this someplace where it will be seen. I picked this up a few years back but have never used it. Realize Im to busy these days to even try to figure it out. This thing is supposed to be awesome it autonomously follows you thru blue tooth on your smart phone. Its looking for a...
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    Bow Cycle North

    Out of business-Just 1 left now. Sales finally met customer service?
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    3 sleds on a 6ft deck

    3 sleds on a 6ft
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    Gen 4 in the news

    This just in: santa successfully delivers presents worldwide on a new ski doo gen 4 with just 1 belt! Santa says "belt still looks good," furthermore the good boys and girls will enjoy their G4's this year and all the bad ski doo haters will end up switching their ride to a G4 for next season...
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    where to get a qualicom satilite phone fixed in calgary

    Anyone know a reputable place to get a sat. phone fixed in calgary. Screen went blank... Still turns on but you can't do much when you can't see. thanks
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    whats a fair price for a used 14 freeride 154?

    just trying to get an idea of what to sell this sled for. 2014 ski doo freeride 154 skidplate, tow bumper, pregrill kit, panel vent kit, ice scratchers 3050km thanks guys
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    Dave- how was the 17 sled skiing? Wondering how the width of the tunnel was for tandeming in ski boots and do I need to Beef it up so it does not break. thoughts? Currently coming off a 14 freeride.
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    Awesome rider tip. Will improve your skilz instantly!

    Snowmobiler's Hand Signals | Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program Spend 5 minutes and figure out why that guy coming down the trail is giving you the peace sign or showing you how badly he fisted your gf last night. You shouldn't even be able to purchase a sled or register it...
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    2014 freeride- heavy vibrations 25-35km per hour- help?

    Having some vibration issues around 25-35kph. Checked track-clean of ice and snow. Primary and secondary Clutch seems fine. Looked at plastic track cogs and have some wear but not sure.... a bit of wear on track sides but seems standard. Any help, similar issues? Doesn't seem to getting worse...
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    These avi paths have released-good to go....

    Sick of hearing so called ast 1-2 idiots saying how a zone is good to go because a slide path came down this season. Huge misconception. Hello **** reloads, layer didn't go on vacation. I'm still confused what the hell an ast certified course is. What, someone told u to pay attention and...
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    2014 xm wont-start?

    Forgot to put key in it. Never mind....:rolleyes:
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    GPS Police stop the theives!

    Hey guys- try this one on your truck units : I use this one on my vehicles and it works great. Had a truck stolen overnight last summer with a trailer and was recovered within 12hours. yeah it costs some $ but well worth it in the end. It would be great if someone came up...
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