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  1. FernieHawk

    Canadian independant media - Financial support

    My wallet got a little lighter today supporting Rebel News and True North. I haven't made a donation for a while and was feeling the need to help out after UTube and PayPal went after Rebel News. Also signed a few petitions today. Anyone else on S&M that likes to support government independent...
  2. FernieHawk

    Welcome to South Africa...

    Balls of steel... Dashcam footage of cash van crew under attack from CIT robbers - YouTube
  3. FernieHawk

    I'm thinking Flapjack Off is actually Rodney 1960

    Anyone else think so? Troll Troll Troll...don't feed the Troll...
  4. FernieHawk

    Belaying a snowmobile

    Anyone have any experience belaying a snowmobile, such as over a 20-40 foot waterfall in a creek drainage? I have been checking out a possible loop in the Flathead area. I've been part way down this particular long creek drainage and while the overall slope is pretty reasonable there could be...
  5. FernieHawk

    Brass Red Balls

    Holy Doodle...
  6. FernieHawk

    Cornice fall

    Dude got lucky.
  7. FernieHawk

    Determining prices for parting out sleds

    For any of you that have parted out do you determine pricing for parts? Previously I have used 50% of the online Arctic Cat dealership pricing and it worked out OK. Just listed my 2017 M8000 LTD on Kijiji (and here) yesterday evening and so far have had to deal with around a dozen...
  8. FernieHawk

    Need a 162x3" track for my 2017 M8000 LTD

    I tore my track today and need a 162x 3" track for my 2017 M8000 LTD. Any suggestions on a suitable replacement for the Power Claw? Or just stick with the Power Claw. Anyone know of any deals?
  9. FernieHawk

    Way more Woman riding in Fernie this winter

    There are way more woman riding in the Fernie area this year...way, way more than previous years. I don't know if its a Covid thing or just changing times in general. We've seen large groups of woman as well as couples and family's. Has anyone else noticed this trend?
  10. FernieHawk

    Chaincase gear wear

    This is the wear on my 3500 km 2017 M8000 lower chain case gear. Any opinions on if this is normal and what the replacement schedule should be? My understanding is this is an aluminum gear. I bought the sled just over a year ago and this is my first look at it. I haven't had a sled with a...
  11. FernieHawk


    Don’t feed the TROLL...[emoji64]...he will starve to death.
  12. FernieHawk

    Need new truck tires...don't want to buy Chinese

    I need some new tires for my F150 HD...10 ply E rated. Looking for something with a decent mud grip and not to worried about highway noise...I'm considering the Hurcules Terra Trac Max as I'm looking for something that is not made in China...
  13. FernieHawk

    Spanish MotoGp

    Here are a few videos from the fantastic Spanish MotoGp race...there is no doubt that Marc Marquez is currently the best motorcycle racer on the planet. First its the crazy save while in first place and then storming trough the field from P18 all the way to P3 and then crashing while setting up...
  14. FernieHawk

    Fernie Bridge construction this is a bit of a RANT thread. Two of the bridges in the Fernie area are under construction. The one to the West, the replacement bridge over Lizard Creek, has been under construction for 15 months now and has been the site of many traffic jams and accidents. The one that is really...
  15. FernieHawk

    Do you have any tattoos you regret?

    Looking at some of the women in the Motor Boating thread and I couldn't help but think...I wonder how many of them regret their tattoos. I'm thinking...the older you are when you get your tattoos, the less likely the risk of regret.
  16. FernieHawk

    Fernie Ski Hill - RCMP SWAT team arrest suspect

    Have been getting info from friends that live at the hill. RCMP has taken down some suspect that has been threatening Albertan's up at the hill...details to follow. Snipers in full Camo gear...
  17. FernieHawk

    If You're into MotoGP, you might like this.

    I like Dovi...he and Marquez have had some epic battles. It was always going to be a huge challenge coming into the team after Casey Stoner.
  18. FernieHawk

    Spotter for Water Skiing in the Covid-19 era

    I went on line this morning to check the legal requirements for a spotter while water skiing. There is not a lot of information out there concerning specifics, but I did find something that stated the spotter had to be on board the boat. It's coming up on water ski season around here and this...
  19. FernieHawk

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones...

    Concerning all the naysayers condemning sledding during this Covid-19 outbreak..."Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" I can almost guarantee that 'You' people condemning other people for going sledding could also be condemned by a section of society that would find some...
  20. FernieHawk

    Boycotting Chinese goods...

    If you haven't already been selectively shopping, to avoid Chinese goods...will you be starting now?
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