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  1. machinehead

    Big Horn Dam open for random camping ?

    Hey anybody been down to the Bighorn Dam site for camping recently ? Alberta website says emergency closure as of July 21st ? Still closed or good to go ? Cheers .
  2. machinehead

    Thermobob question

    For the guys that convert back to wheels, has anyone left the thermostat set up in during the summer ? Any issues ? Bike is a Husky TE511, been riding around town. Temps, are about 170 F to 205 F One rad has an electric fan. Man these plated dirt bikes are fun ! What are your thoughts on...
  3. machinehead

    Remote Start Keyfob

    Anyone got one of these lying around ? Wifes car is a manual transmission , and I can’t find anyone that will install a new upgraded remote starter in a car with a manual transmission. The old analog unit in car still works, but the remote has crapped out. Let me know!
  4. machinehead

    Gas up the snowblower and snowmobile...................

    Batten down the hatches — a storm's a brewin'. Environment Canada has issued winter storm warnings for communities in central and southern Alberta. Batten down the hatches — a storm’s a brewin’. A heavy band of snow is expected to rock much of the province as snowfall accumulations are expected...
  5. machinehead

    Oilers Playoff Tickets - Sunday 5:00 Game

    So, I was extremely fortunate to upgrade to Section 118 Club Seating for Sunday's Oiler game .Therefore, I have my two season ticket seats , Section 233 Row 2 Seats 1 & 2, Extra wide Aisle available for Sunday's game . I have them listed on Ticketmaster exchange for $400 per ticket, of which I...
  6. machinehead

    Oilers Playoff Tickets for Tonight (April 20 )

    I have two Oilers Tickets available for tonight's game. Section 233 Row 2 Seats 1 and 2 . Extra Wide Aisle seats. Great experience if you haven't been. Feeling under the weather right now. $250 each. If no takers than, will have to force myself off the couch tonight. Go Oil ! PM me .
  7. machinehead

    Now that's a first for me !

    You're doing it wrong !
  8. machinehead

    Trailer Brake Issue

    So 2007 5th wheel trailer. Brake controller does not function when trailer 7 way connecter is plugged into the truck box plug location. All lights and brake lights are working fine. When trailer plug is put into the bumper pull plug location, brake controller works fine. Any ideas where to...
  9. machinehead

    Good Spring Conditions at the Grizzly Lodge !

    Snow was still pretty good on the weekend! Had a blast on the snowbike, parked trucks at 23 Km ,and trail up was decent . Great food and drink as well! The Cesar's and the Barbados Bombs were awesome. See the Snowman ? Doesn't look happy spring is here . Also an XP had a bad day :(
  10. machinehead

    Thats it, we're closed !

    It's Official !
  11. machinehead

    Built in chest warmer !

    Custom built 2 stroker, effective for those chilly mornings ! ;)
  12. machinehead

    2007 800r raves won't open.

    Hey guys, Motor will rev to 6000 rpm. Took the black caps off, and the rave plates do not lift at all up to 6000 rpm. Took airbox out hoping a vacuum hose had come off , all looks good. Is there a way to test the rave solenoids, or should I just get two, and hope this corrects problem? Anywhere...
  13. machinehead

    Got a sled deck question or favor .....

    Planning to head to Golden for MM7 . We usually trailer the sleds with a 1/2 ton. I have access to a 3/4 ton for that week-end only, and am inquiring if anyone would be willing to rent a sled deck to us. It would be picked up this Thursday, dropped off Monday. I was thinking about $100 . Truck...
  14. machinehead

    For the GMC fans. They have arrived !

    New 1500 Denali in E-town. Hard to believe that a 378 cubic inch, 420 HP V-8 can achieve 29 MPG . And look kids, direct injection, 110 volt outlets, USB ports and a built in brake controller, just like the competition. It's about time !
  15. machinehead

    Seen in Edson

    Heading west I believe, possibly to the prov. of deep snow and steep tax.
  16. machinehead

    Balancing RV Trailer Tires

    Does anyone do it ? I had mine done when I had to replace the valve stems, that ripped when the trailer was moved when the ice was melting. Water was rising, so I decided to move it to higher ground. Apparently several valve stems were still frozen in the ice. They got torn when the trailer...
  17. machinehead

    2009 YFZ 450r

    Just did top end , new piston, ring and wrist pin . Valves not touched. Motor cranks fine with spark plug out . We have compression readings of 120 psi and 145 psi. With spark plug installed , motor barely cranks . Camshafts installed correctly lined up to TDC. Auto decompression lever on...
  18. machinehead

    Problem with 2009 Yam 450r

    Oil is pumping out breather into airbox. ( alot , filled box with a half liter of oil in a short period ) Compression test shows 90 psi, after a teaspoon of oil dropped in chamber, compression reads 120 psi. Correct amount of oil in motor. I suspect worn rings, with blow by pressureing up the...
  19. machinehead

    A Little Riding in Moab this week !

    I know a number of you have riden here, however it still worth a look !
  20. machinehead

    I drove 2000 km to avoid this ...........

    In Moab , Utah and this is what we woke up to yesterday.......... :(Spring is definately late all over North America . The weather has improved today will post pics in dirt bike forum. Great place to ride !
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