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  1. Shredder

    Valemount Conditions and Updates 2022-2023

    Scratchers down n go bud!!!!!
  2. Shredder

    2022 Trail Cam Pictures

    I want to see the video of it getting saddle broke.....
  3. Shredder

    Cool Guns

    Had a 210g ABLR out of my .300 Ultra Mag come right apart on my bull moose last year. Never hit a rib or any bone at all and found it in the rib met on the far side. Was close range; 80ish yards. But I can say with full confidence that a TTSX would have held together and went all the way...
  4. Shredder

    Cool Guns

    I grabbed a box of ADG brass/140 Barnes Match Burners and a pound of H1000 to start with this 6.5 PRC. Hoping to get some decent results. I’ll be hunting with Barnes LRX bullets. They will be rippin’.
  5. Shredder

    Cool Guns

    Quick rip up to Corlanes to pick up another rig I had Greg set up for me. What a sweetheart to shoot this is. Browning X Bolt Speed in 6.5 PRC. I had the trigger done at 2.5 lbs and went with a Vortex Viper scope on this one in 4-16 x 50.
  6. Shredder

    Cool Guns

    Nice rig ya got there Murray. I just grabbed a 6.5 PRC in a Browning X Bolt Speed. For when the RMR .300 RUM might be a bit too much. Likely just pull out the big rig now when moose or elk are the tag I am looking to fill. How's that 7 PRC shootin'?
  7. Shredder

    Gun control, it's coming...
  8. Shredder

    Caw Ridge Questions

    Going up the Sheep Creek Road is a longer way for sure I operated up there for years and you would likely be lucky to get a trailer to km 8 on that road right now. I'd camp at the mine flats right off the Hwy by the river and just ride the couple kms to the Beaverdam Road. Then up ya go from...
  9. Shredder

    Sled deck on 1/2 ton?

    Yep; the guys buying the F150 Limited are gonna be hating life now. I believe anything over a 1/2 ton is exempt.
  10. Shredder

    Muskoka Freerider

    Had to follow ya to see what other crazy azz chit you fellas get up to. :thumbsup2:
  11. Shredder

    G5 N/A vs G4 N/A

    All the sleds make good power. But only a few sleds put a greater percentage of that power to the ground. 😜🤔🤐
  12. Shredder

    G5 N/A vs G4 N/A

    Well I guess there was something terribly wrong with the 9R that I had a chance to have a couple uphill races against in McBride. After watching my old junk 2020.5 disappearing up the hill on him a couple times; with the skis hanging handlebar high on his sled, he just gave me a thumbs up and...
  13. Shredder

    Cool Guns

    Damn man. I am trying to hold myself back from buying a 6.5 by telling myself I can just load up 150g bulets for my .300 RUM. But two custom rifles just seems so much cooler. Was kicking around a 6.5 or a .270 WSM. Which would come from; or go to Corlane of course for some tweaks/adjustments/and...
  14. Shredder

    Blue River 2022 -2023

    Damn; had er tucked back in there good. :thumbsup2:
  15. Shredder

    Mountain Magic

    Yep you nailed it for everyone there. Ken built sleds and trusted people to pay when they could on their word. Being a friend of Ken's I went on sled trips with him and stopped by the shop for a bs and out to grab lunch when I was in Edmonton. He always just did what I wanted done in the shop...
  16. Shredder

    Mountain Magic

    He had been looking at it maybe being time soon even before the factory turbo's came out. There will always be guys out there looking to do some mods; but running a shop costs alot of money. He is a very smart man; betting a few jobs here and there for certain people out of a garage is way less...
  17. Shredder

    Gen 4 turbo reliability?

    The amount a guy can get out anymore should keep the sleds running for years.....My 2020.5 only has 1700 kms on it. Sadly when I got it last February it had 1450 kms on it. Not too worried about reliability; other than getting it out if something goes wrong since she's on warranty until 2026. I...
  18. Shredder

    Mid April riding

    Sometimes mid to late April is awesome with a truck and deck. Driving halfway to the cabin is pretty damn nice.
  19. Shredder

    "Mousetrapped" Lets Talk About It

    Exactly man. So you made a group decision. And to each their own. One of my son’s friends since he was 5 years old is out doing some jumps and filming. I know damn well they are sending it and hoping for the best. That’s the stuff that worries me.
  20. Shredder

    "Mousetrapped" Lets Talk About It

    Geez.....There is no reason to be doing that stuff in the backcountry. Does nobody think of the stress and pressure it puts on the rest of your group to help you and get you out if you seriously injure yourself by choosing to do these things in a place where medical help is not an option. Then...
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