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  1. 162 Wizzy

    Big Ass Generator

    Hey 007sevens, make sure you plan to install a proper transfer switch set up to prevent back feeding the land line. Very important to isolate your source.
  2. 162 Wizzy

    Sidewinder 174 build and season ride report

    I don't usually post too much but i couldn't help myself this time. That unit looks amazing. You have a talent Turblue. To the normal Joe it looks stock. I agree Chad @ CR is amazing but you should consider this as a career as well. Keep up the good clean work, i will be keeping my eye on this...
  3. 162 Wizzy

    ASA Sled Jamboree 2018 in Fox Creek

    Sounds like fun as always. Snow is coming. We will be there!
  4. 162 Wizzy

    Get stoked for the up coming season!!

    Great vid, thanks for sharing. For the record, you made the itch worse LOL!
  5. 162 Wizzy

    Sledding media 2016-2017 season!

    Good vid, great looking area. Love the throttle response on the Gen 4's.
  6. 162 Wizzy

    GREAT Klim Warranty

    I can't agree enough. I've been wearing their gear since 1997 and they have stepped up every time i've had an issue or concern. I will remain a dedicated customer as long as I ride! Also, your dealer play a big part of your warranty claims I believe.
  7. 162 Wizzy

    boat names

    "No Worries"
  8. 162 Wizzy

    Snowmobile Film Premiere Party - 509, Edmonton Sat Oct 17, 2015

    Can't wait, gonna be a good time!
  9. 162 Wizzy

    Winter Mania Snowmobile Show 2015!!!

    I'll be there. Always like that gathering!:ThumbsupMsn:
  10. 162 Wizzy

    Whitecourt conditions

    Any chance the north section got groomed guys? Heading out this morning again. Great job on the south section Don!
  11. 162 Wizzy

    Looking for takeoff 2013 factory running boards

    SOLD! Thanks Tiny pro-x for a great deal.
  12. 162 Wizzy

    Looking for takeoff 2013 factory running boards

    Hey guys i realize this is an old thread but i'm also looking for a take off set to send out for coating. What kind of $ for a set? Thxs.
  13. 162 Wizzy

    Blue Jewel / Blue River Updates & Conditions 2012 / 2013

    WOW is right, heading there Wed. Can't wait!
  14. 162 Wizzy

    Bearing behind top belt drive sprocket

    Oh and I'm just shy of 600 miles.
  15. 162 Wizzy

    Bearing behind top belt drive sprocket

    Checked my upper pulley bolt last night and it was loose. Red lock tite and 45ft/lbs was my fix. Heading to Blue River Wednesday. I will let you know if it fails.
  16. 162 Wizzy

    White Sleds, would you do it again?

    I snow checked a 2013 LE Pro in white and totally decked it out in white powder coat. The decals all came off and the shiny plastic is a breeze to keep clean. Spray 9 to remove the willow sap and a quick shot of plexus. I think the guys having grief are the freeride doos with the flat finish...
  17. 162 Wizzy

    Whitecourt Trailblazers Rally Feb. 16 & 17, 2013

    Looking forward to the whole weekend. Anxious to have a shot with Boots too!!! Should be fun as always!
  18. 162 Wizzy

    Which can?

    I bought the Specialty sled can at the show for $300.00. Fit really well and sounds good in the garage but no miles on it yet.
  19. 162 Wizzy

    Summit Warm up Cabin

    Another great Trailblazer accomplishment. Great job Gang!
  20. 162 Wizzy

    St. Paul Trailblazer's Snowmobile Rally; February 18, 2013

    Simple..................St. Paul Saturday and Whitecourt on Sunday. Something i may have to try this year.
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